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Thread: Know anyone looking for a stolen/missing dog?

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    Know anyone looking for a stolen/missing dog?

    State Works To Find Owners Of Stolen Dogs

    POSTED: 6:35 pm CDT April 6, 2004
    UPDATED: 6:41 pm CDT April 6, 2004

    FORSYTH, Mo. -- About 50 dogs have been seized from the property of a southwest Missouri couple suspected of stealing the mostly pure-bred animals to resell them. The dogs were taken from their owners' back yards and the kennels of breeders. Most are small and mid-size dogs, including Boston terriers and Shih-Tzus. The dogs apparently were stolen within the last several weeks. They appear to be in good health.

    Authorities are trying to find the owners. In the meantime, the dogs are being held at the Taney County Animal Shelter. The shelter can be reached at (417) 332-0172.

    Link to story concerning stolen dogs recovered:
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    That is awful! I swear the majority of people don't let their brains think for them, they let their wallets!!! I told my uneducated neighbors, who I worry will mess with/steal Sylvia and Harley that their microchips are tracking devices. I hope all those pups are claimed to their original homes.
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