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    Aww, I want one now so bad My mom said if we didn't have cats at her place we could get some. I was at the pet store today, and they had a bunch there. Only they were different in the fact people had spent a long time taming them. Their wings were clipped too, so they were in the cage with no top. I was able to pick one up. It just jumped right on my finger!! Awww, they're were SO cute! I wish I could have one now hehe

    Sorry for the pointlessness. O_O

    Is it possible to have a bird with dogs or cats? I was thinking I could just put the dogs in a diff room if I took them out..not that my dad would ever let me

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    Get a COCKATIEL!

    I don't know how big your house is, but I know several people on PT have birds along with cats and dogs in the same house. They just keep them in different rooms. Logan and Julie have dogs, cats, and birds in the same house, and K9soul has dogs and birds. Maybe you can ask them how it works. I wouldn't be any help for that because I only have birds, and they have the run of the house, but I'm sure there are ways to have birds and dogs/cats in the same house safely. As long as they are away from each other.

    I hope you can get a bird! They're sooooooooo sweet!

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    I WANT one lol! They look like a lot of fun. I've never been around birds though. I've only had one sit on my finger before and that was when I was a kid. There were 2 tiels in the pet store who were very friendly. I use to go there a lot to see them

    Yeah my life is so deprieved when I get excited over a budgie sitting on my finger

    I think it would be better at my dads as we have a pretty big house..but he won't allow birds. He said they're noisey And my moms house is prob to small..just one floor -sniff-

    My babies: Josie, Zeke, Kiba, Shadow (AKA Butter)

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    They're not noisy! Just don't get a conure and noise shouldn't be a problem. Tiels aren't very noisy birds, and the voice of a parakeet is so low-toned........Get a female if you want won't hear too much from her. Muffin is always quiet. She just does occasional chirps every now and then.

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    Re: Budgies

    Originally posted by slleipnir
    Is it possible to have a bird with dogs or cats? I was thinking I could just put the dogs in a diff room if I took them out..not that my dad would ever let me
    As you know, I have Piper, the cockatiel. I have both dogs and cats. Now, I wouldn't trust any of them alone with Piper if he was out of his cage in a second, even though I know how well-trained they are. Neither of them have high prey drives, either. If I'm in the same room with Piper and the dogs, we don't have any problems. Molly and Daisy are actually *scared* of him.

    Tiels are great. They're a good bird for a first time owner. We had a couple Canaries a few years back, but Cockatiels are by far the more playful, and love to interact with everybody.

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    awww.....when I was kid we had some budgies together with cats and dogs.. and they all lived together very friendly... well I didn't let birdies out of cage alone just with cats or just need to train your pets to be good with budgies

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    Audrey, we ended up with Roger because he did the exact same thing with Helen, just jumped right up on her hand and climbed up to her shoulder. Then, I just couldn't resist him!!! We added Milly a bit later.

    I do NOT trust any of my cats or dogs around them. When they are out of their cages, the door stays closed, and when we aren't in the office, we keep the door closed. I had a close call with Butter (one of our cats) one day. He pushed the door open (found out we had a bad fitting door knob). I ended up moving them to my office after that. Thank goodness the birds literally started screaming, so I jumped up and found Butter about to grab Milly. It scared me to death.

    I love having birds, but I will be honest and tell you that they require more attention and make more mess than any of our other animals. But, having said that, I wouldn't trade them for the world. I love them dearly.


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