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Thread: my Easter--Beach Pics

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    my Easter--Beach Pics

    Well we 'started a new easter tradition' this year, so we drove to Whidbey Island (and rode on the ferry) and we had lunch and the stae park that was right on the beach. Then we went down and walked on the beach for a while , of course i was snapping pictures the whole time :P
    ok here are the pics:
    This was a huge tree root that was sticking out and i almost walked in to :O

    here's a picture of paw prints i was thinking of you guys while i was there

    here's a little mountain stream that runs down in the the ocean

    i tink there's a puppy in this picture, he was really cute, but i was too scared to ask them if i could take a opicture of him, so i just tried to take one when he came over to see me but he wouldn't stand still lol

    more coming
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    aren't those pics bit too small?

    Liga(me),Carreras(gordon setter),Simba(the cat),Felix(bun),Aisha & Nila(ratties),Ellie(guinea piggy)

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    lol sorry i fixed them :P
    this was supposed to be a picture of the mountians over the water, but you can't really tell

    check out the little cirlce thingies, i'm not really sure what they are, but they look really cool, they are small too (see the foot print next to it?)

    After everyone was gone you could see really far along the beach

    there were these huge piles of drift wood there, that's my brother sitting there

    these are some footprints i found, i really liked this one, i want to make it my desktop

    more driftwood

    the tide was going out and it left a bunch of rocks with barnicles(sp?) on it

    ok i htink this is it, unless i find more.
    it was really beautiful there, i wasn't really excited aoub going at first, but once we got there i really liked it

    hope you liked the pics

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    i found more :P

    this is ome seaweed inthe water

    a fort some guys built out of drift wood

    ok that's really it

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    Cool pictures! Even though i can't see the puppy! Too far away.. Looks like you had a great Easter..

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    Great pics!!! Looks like you had fun!

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