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Thread: Connor needs an OP

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    Connor needs an OP

    On Friday I noticed a discharge from one of Connor's ears, so on Saturday it was off to the vet!

    She examined him, and cleaned TONS of wax out of his ears!!! I am so ashamed - I never realised how dirty his ears were. I clean both his and Ally's ears with a cotton ball, but I don't go too deep, and the vet was poking around with an earbud!

    She says that she needs to check his ears properly, and to do that he needs to have a General Anaesthetic. Whilst he is under she will check his timpanic membrane and try to find out why he is deaf!

    They gave him an anti-inflamatory and antibiotic injection (during which he bit me), and some ointment for his ears)

    I know he has had a General Anaesthetic before (for his neuter and his tail op), but I am still really worried about it!

    Please keep my big boy in your thoughts and prayers!

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    OH poor Connor! Of course we will be praying for that sweetie! When will he have this done?

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    Poor Connor - hope all goes well - {{{Hugs}}} across the miles for the sweet boy and his Meowmie xxxx

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    I'm not sure, what day is it? ;-)
    Oh no, I hope all goes well. And maybe, just maybe she'll find out why he's deaf and maybe there's a chance it can be corrected. But I've heard that for people who have been deaf all their lives and then for whatever reason they start to hear, it's actually kind of scary because everything seems so loud and there is just soooo much noise that they are overwhelmed by it.

    Anway, just wanted to let you know we'll be sending positive thoughts and prayers out for Connor.
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    Poor Connor. I hope his procedure goes well!
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    I hope everything goes ok for Connor. I will be thinking of him.

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    Prayers for Connor, paws crossed too xxx
    Here's hoping they might be able to correct his hearing, that would be great !!

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    Thinking about your big baby boy..may everything go well

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    Poor Connor! He's such a gorgeous boy!! I hope the vet can clean out all the dirt! It would be perfect if he could get part of his hearing back, it wouldn't be such a huge shock!

    When Fister had anaesthesia? we asked the vet if he could give him a little less than normal - and it worked! That was when he had his teeth cleaned. Perhaps you can do the same.

    Will be sending positive thoughts that all is going well!!

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    Good luck, Connor!

    I hope all goes well.
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    Best of luck, you handsome young man and I hope when they look, they find out your hearing loss is fixable. Kisses and hugs to get through your tests.

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    Poor Connor, best of luck to you sweetie!

    Like catnapper said, maybe they will be able to help his hearing loss.

    Fingers and paws crossed.

    From Decker with Love

  13. Oh poor little guy. I, too hope something good comes out of your procedure......

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    Connor, sweetie, as a half-deaf human, I promise we'll all love you just as much if your ears are still just decorative once they are cleaned out. We all want the best for you, now be good at the white-coats!

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    Poor Connor. I sure hope that everything goes well. Prayers and positive thoughts are being sent your way. Please keep us updated.
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