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    Dublin what a nice big boy you are. I have a soft spot for big boys! I'm so glad you were spotted by the road at the tender age of 4 weeks. Wow that's a little young to be away from your mommy. I bet you were scared! So you are a transplanted New Jerseyan!! Our loss is California's gain! I hope you have a wonderful day today Dublin. You have started out by brightening up mine.

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    Dublin and Brittany are such lucky cats to be rescued by you. Dublin is a gorgeous boy and I hope he enjoys being today's Cat of the Day!

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    What a fantastic rescue story! Phew! Dublin and Brittany scooped up just in the knick of time. As a "Jersey Girl" myself, I have to agree with Pam. California is lucky to have such a handsome, big boy like yourself in their midst! My Mr. B is right up there with you Dublin, weighing in at 17lbs. All the more to cuddle and love. Congratulations sweet Dublin. We are proud to call you our very special, very beautiful, very deserving Cat of the Day! Big hugs to a big boy on his big day!!!

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    Another black and white sweetie to steal my heart! Dublin, you have a very cute face and I just want to plant a kiss on your little head. Thank goodness for your human family who cared enough to rescue you and your little sister! Enjoy your special day!

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