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    Oh Dizzy what can I say!!! You are sooooo adorable and such a curious little fellow. Don't you just hate it when you get so tired that you have to nap right away no matter where you are!! Hope that keyboard was comfortable. I know Spencer will want to claim you as a long lost brother!! Have a wonderful day you precious little orange baby!! You are today's Cat of the Day!

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    Yes in fact I have that picture in a frame!!

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    Dizzy is very sweet and it looks like he can nap anywhere! He sounds like a typical kitty, jumping up on the bed at 3am, waking up his owners for some lovin' and closeness. Congratulations, Dizzy the kitty, on being CAT OF THE DAY!!


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    What a beautiful orange baby you are Dizzy! My Oliver is a few months older and is a charcoal grey little persian boy, but you two share many of the same kitten antics! I just love you guys at this age! I also see you're already learning the keyboard! Have a happy happy day doing all those nawtee kitten no no's and please accept my big congratulations on being honored as our very beautiful, most adorable, oh so precious Cat of the Day!

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