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Thread: Happy Birthday, Dazzi and Happy Gotcha Day Jack!

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    Happy Birthday, Dazzi and Happy Gotcha Day Jack!

    Because I do not know the exact day any of my dogs were born but roughly the month, I have chosen my kids birthdays to match my dogs. So today is Christy's birthday and Dazzi's. (Oh, my gosh, we forgot Snoopy's on March 23rd, Rob's birthday - sorry Snoopys, you can share in this celebration). Dazzi turns 4 today. Here is a picture of here at my sister's last weekend.

    Here is a picture of Jack when we got him last year:

    and here is a picture of crazy Snoopy trying to climb a tree:

    I went to my mom's today to take her to the doctor and Dazzi went along because my mom is crazy about Dazzi. She always saves her leftovers for her and so as soon as we turn into the roads near Tiffin, Dazzi starts to get all excited. She runs for the house and runs straight to find my mom. Spoiled? - you bet!

    And it was one year ago today that Carl and I drove all the way to Kentucky to bring Jack home. What a day that was!!!I can still remember driving up to that gas station and seeing this poor dog in the back of a cattle truck. And begging Carl all the way home to stop at a car wash so we could give the poor baby a bath!

    Happy belated birthday, Snoopy, Happy birthday Dazzi and happy gotcha day Jack!!!!

    "That they may have a little peace, even the best
    dogs are compelled to snarl occasionally."
    --William Feather

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    LOTTA Birf/Gotcha-Days today!

    Hap, HAPP,
    H A P P I E
    Birf & Gotcha-Days,

    We havin Birfday Kake at da Dawg Park onna 18th??

    Hey Jack ~
    Dey dint REALLY gib ya a *baff* atta Kar Warsh - DID they??
    /s/ Cinder, Smokey & Heidi

    R.I.P. ~ Boots, Bowser, Sherman, & Snoopy

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    AHHH! Happy Birthday sweet Snoopy, Happy birthday Dazzi and Happy Gotcha Day Jack!!!! You guys sure are loved Have fun kids!

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

    And my Rainbow Bridge Furangels...Jingles, Cody, Fritz, Chessa, Satin, Buddy, Lizzie, Oliver, Squeaker, Moonbeam, Rosie, Ruby~

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    Off to the races....
    Happy Birthday Snoopes and Dazzi!!! And happy gotcha day Jack!!! We love you all!!!

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    Happy Birthday Snoopes andDazzi!!! And happy gotcha day Jack!!!


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    Never has the Last word.
    I remember Jack's story very well!!!
    Keegan 9/28/2001 to June 9, 2012
    Kylie (June 2000 to 5/19/2012)
    "we as American's have forgotten we can agree to disagree"
    Kylie the Queen, Keegan the Princess, entertained by Kloe the court Jester
    Godspeed Phred and Gini you will be missed more than you ever know..

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    Sounds like a day to celebrate in your house!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Dazzi!!!

    Happy Belated Birthday Snoopy!!

    and, of course, Happy Gotcha Day Jack!!
    Emily, Kito, Abbey, Riley, and Jada

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    Oh 4dogmom,
    So hard to keep track of ALL those Birth&Gotcha Days!!!
    AT least you are Organized...Combining is good...That means Usually,You don't Miss anyone...I am Guessing That Rob is "The Dogless One" of the Family?!?!?!?

    Happy Belated Birthday Snoopy & Rob!!!!
    Happy Birthday Dazzi & Christy!!!!

    Happy Gotcha Day Jack!!!!!!

    You are ALL so Loved!!!!!
    Have a Wonderful Day Everyone!!!!
    The Deli Dog

    I want to Honor All of Our Rainbow Bridge Furkids

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    Happy days to all you doggies! That Snoopy must be one character. I love that pic of him climbing the tree. I made up a birthday for Duke, too.

    I did the right thing by setting you free
    But the pain is very deep.
    If only I could turn back time, forever, you I'd keep.
    I miss you

    I hear you whimper in your sleep
    I gently pet you and say, no bad dreams
    It will be alright, to my dog as dark as night.

    Fur as dark as the night.
    Join me on this flight.
    Paws of love that follow me.
    In my heart you'll forever be.

    How I wish I could hold you near.
    Turn back time to make it so.
    Hug you close and never let go.

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