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Thread: New pet talker!

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    New pet talker!

    I'm new here, and just thought I'd share all my pets with everyone.

    I don't know how to post photo's in here. Can someone please tell me how? lol, I don't get it.

    Anyways, he's some pre-pic info.

    The grey and white Hamster is Shippo. She's about 6 months old and is female.

    The grey Hamster is Gandalf. He is about 1 month old and is male.

    The Rabbit is Hershey. I don't know her age. She's a Netherland Dwarf and is female.

    The Budgies are Joey and Kohaku, they are both males. Joey is green and yellow, about 5-7 years old now, I am not sure, as he was given to me as a christmas present a long time ago, and he was already an adult.
    Kohaku is blue. He is almost a year old. I got him when he was only 6 weeks.

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    Welcome to PT!!

    I`m Christy. I have 2 dogs 2 cats 2 guinea pigs 1 rabbit and like 10 fish.

    Your pets sound adorable! I`d help you with how to post pictures but I suck at giving instructions!
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    Hi welcome to PT
    i'm Shannon. i still don't know how to post pictures so i won't be of much help to you.
    i have a Mini-lop rabbit named Cadbury and two strange fish.

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    It's not hard to post photos. See Phred's excellent tutorial

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    very cute pics

    Im jynnelle, I own three dogs a cata nd rats .
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    Rainbowbridge- Tikeya 'forever loved'
    Owned By Luna, Prudence, and Raven

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    Adorable pets!

    I love Hershey! Sooo cute!

    Welcome to Pet Talk, My name's Kay.

    I own two dogs, who are the two tan ones in my signature. Nala and Simba.

    ~Kay, Athena, Ace, Kiara, Mufasa, & Alice!
    "So baby take a axe to your makeup kit
    Set ablaze the billboards and their advertisements
    Love with all your hearts and never forget
    How good it feels to be alive
    And strive for your desire"

    -rx bandits

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    Welcome to PT. I love your bunny. Sooooo cute!!!

    I have a mini dachshund named Gigi. You can see her in my sig and avatar.
    Jen & Gigi

    Thanks Kay for the set.

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    Originally posted by TeenierExpression

    awww! how cute!

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    Welcome to Pet Talk!! My name is Willie and my babies are in my sig and avatar.

    I love all your pets, they are so cute!

    I love the pictures of Shippo and the picture of Hershey, they are just adorable. Your others are sweet too. There is just something about that picture of Shippo!


    Thank You, kittycats_delight for my new siggy!!!

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    Welcome to Pet Talk!

    I love Hershey! Too cute!

    My name is Emma, and I have four dogs. Prince, (in signature) is a 1 year old Samoyed. Digger is around 11-12 year old black labrador retriever. Chubby is a 6 year old labrador retriever, and Otis is my 5 year old Pug.

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    Welcome to Pet Talk!

    I'm Cayter, or CJ. I have two dogs, a Shih Tzu/Poodle named Darlin, and a Smooth Collie named Ozzy. Ozzy is 9 months old, and the love of my life. Darlin is a little over a year old, and is the funniest little dog! PM me any time you want to, I'm always here.

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    Boink! I forgot to comment on your pets!

    Your bunny is adorable!! She looks like a little snuggle bunny. Your birds are beautiful. I love the green ones! Hamsters are cute, too. Hehe

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    Welcome to pet talk! Your pets are so cute.

    1 girl, 1 pup, 2 guinea piggies, 1 bunny & 1 turtle!

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    Welcome to Pet Talk!! Your pets are so cute!

    I'm owned by 2 dogs, 4 cats,1 guinea pig,3 goldfish and 1 rabbit.
    "Careful what you say, careful what you wish or it may just regret it!"

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