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    Kitty is a brave & sweet cat with a wonderful owner. A great combination.
    We once decided not to give a name to a young tabby cat that took up residence in a tree in our garden. Then he wouldn't be ours, right?
    When we called him down to get food, we would jokingly say,"Come down, little bird." Years later he was a big, fat spoiled family pet called...LittleBird! People would say, puzzled,"when they were introduced to our cat 's name,'But that cat's not little & it's not a bird!"

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    What a wonderful story!! Kitty is such a lucky kitty to have been RESCUED by such a loving owner! I'm SO happy that you kept Kitty with you, despite having allergies. It's hard to NOT to get attached to a cat! Especially if it is as beautiful and sweet as Kitty. Congratulations!

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    His whiskers had been burned off?? I can't believe how cruel some people can be!
    I'm so glad Kitty found himself a loving home. He's such a precious little one (I love his little black nose!).
    Kitty certainly deserves to be Cat of the Day!! Please give him big kisses from me!

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    You had to overcome so much cruelty in your early life Kitty. Four years later you are incredibly beautiful and loving and trusting. For that alone you are most deserving of being selected "Cat of the Day." I know you will forever be treasured in your wonderful home by your special family. I congratulate you for your incredible courage and for being the very, very special "Kitty" you are. Yeah for Kitty!!

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    Kitty reminds me so much of my previous cat, Shrimp Boat, that it almost made me cry. I had to immediately check the location and age to make sure it couldn't be her! I lost Shrimp Boat a long time ago (11 1/2 years) when I was feeling sorry for her and took her on a weekend camping trip. Long, sad story... Anyway, I found Shrimp Boat at a seafood market in Holden Beach, NC, eating a jelly donut. That kitty was probably 3-4 months old when she came to live with me. I had her about 7 years or so.
    Your Kitty reminds me so much of her. I'm so glad to know that she has a loving home. Congrats to the family and to Kitty for being the Cat of the Day.

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    GREAT STORY!! I can't belive someone would burn his whiskers off!! HOW CRUEL!!HOW DID HE SURVIVE SOMETHING LIKE THAT??!! I mean if I had a guess at what did it would be some cruel kids....(THAT I AM NOT -but I am a teenager!! )
    Nice to know hes alive and and white ..I have a kitty like that....his name is Silvester...

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