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Thread: Kiri kitty is a sick kitty

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    Kiri kitty is a sick kitty

    Little Kiri had soft poo right from the beginning. As you know she is from mallorca and has started her life outside as a feral kitty. We thought it could be worms and sometimes in between she produced nice tootsie rolls but then it went back to soft and sometimes even liquid. So we took her to Trude the vet who also noticed there was liquid in her little tummy. It was clear liquid and the diagnosis is now a chronic bowel inflammation. This can often happen to feral kittens and Trude thinks we can get her back to normal- but it will take time and patience. She gets 2 pouches of medicinal diet for her case per day and she thinks that's by far not enough.
    She would even attack the garbage. We have to separate Orion and her when we feed Orion as she really gets feral when it comes to food. This morning she wanted to steal a croissant from my plate.
    She also got half a tablet of pred and today after 4 days has produced tootsie rolls.
    Trude says that most of the time the bowel gets back to normal when the kitties grow up but right now it is diet for at least 2 more weeks.
    Apart from that the little girl is as active as can be- more active than a teenage Abyssinian- and that means something She pesters her brother, plays heavily and cuddles with us. This is what makes us all sure it is nothing really grave.

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    Dear little Kiri, you are so lucky to have found the perfect home where you are taken such good care of. I hope your tummy get better soon - untll then, you'll have to eat your diet food!

    Glad to hear you're in such good spirit and playing with Orion also.

    Kisses to the both of you!

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    Good to hear she is still playful - I hope her tummy troubles heal very soon!
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    Dear little Kiri I love your spirit - having a boo boo tummy is not fun and you're still being a charming, playful and affectionate girl - what a trooper

    No worries though cuz Mommy and Trude will get you all fixed up and then we better all watch out cuz your energy level will soar and Orion won't know what hit him

    I am so happy that you and your brother are so happy together and can only just imagine the giggles you give your mom and dad Keep up the good work baby - there's nothing but happy days in your future

    P.S. pictures please
    Yours in Whiskers

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    Dear little Kiri, be well soon!
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    Good going, Kiri. Better and better........

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    How scary! More tootsie rolls, please.

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    I'm glad the Vet is treating Kiri for this & hope she responds well to
    the meds. Pred is famous for making whoever takes it ravenously hungry.
    I don't know about cats, but it works that way for dogs & for people.
    Maybe that's why she wanted to snatch your breakfast roll.
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    Get well wishes coming your way!

    Kiri dearest, we all hope you feel better very soon. I bet since you are such a youngster, you will overcome your illness quickly and have a happy and normal life with your new family. You purrents have a wonderful Vet looking after you, too.

    Get well soon, Kiri!
    from Camp Vermont

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    I'm so sorry to hear that Kiri is having tummy problems but I'm glad to hear that the diet and medicine have helped her to produce tootsie rolls. Alani and Blaze can relate because they were also having tummy issues but now with a diet change they're also doing much better. They will stilll sometimes make slightly runny stools which they then get all over their fluffy bottoms. I'm glad that Kiri is full of energy but also a cuddler and hopefully as she matures her digestive system will mature and she'll always make tootsie rolls.
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    Sorry to hear that your tummy is sick, Kiri. Abd I know that diets are really NO fun. But you need to get all better soon, so you do what the Doctor and Meowie tell you.

    Have fund pestering your brother, after all that is what brothers are for.

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    Big prayers for you, Miss Kiri!

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    Poor baby! I hope Kiri's little tummy settles down soon.
    Our Samantha had a dodgy tummy when she was young, and the kittens were on a special bland diet from the vet for a few weeks. Everything settled down nicely after that.
    I hope our little Kiri settles down soon too.

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