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Thread: What's in your pantry?

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    What's in your pantry?

    I was rooting around looking for something to eat tonight when it occured to me that anyone looking in our pantry would probably instantly know that we are a young college aged couple

    I've got half of a dozen boxes of Kraft Mac&Cheese and twice as many boxes of hamburger helper. There's a whole case of ramen noodles for when I'm feeling particularly lazy. Yet there's also a rice maker and 20 lb bag of rice for when I am feeling particularly domestic. There are several big tubs of kool aid mix and just as many packages of Jello. out of the 5 boxes of cereal, 4 are long past expired. You can tell alot about a person from the contents of their pantry.
    So I'm challenging you to answer: What's in your pantry?
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    Ours looks nearly identical to yours...although, other than the food we have in ours, you would never know we're college kids. I'm a neat freak when it comes to things people will see when they come over, so our pantry is neat and organized. lol. Wow, I'm a nerd....

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    Moose, I too am a nerd. My pantry is so organized. Hubby makes fun of me all the time.

    I have spices, oils, vinegars, bread, lots of cans (soups and veggies and tuna), loads of teas, coffee, rice, doggy treats and dog food, toilett paper, paper towels, and baking ingredients.

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    Mine looks like a pack of wolves attacked. My pack of wolves are teenagers and they seem completely unable to toss the empty box after they took the last hot choocate packet or microwave popcorn bag. the empty box remains there until I peek my head in and find it.

    I do not cook, so there are more than enough (about a dozen) boxes of cereal. On "make your own dinner night" I eat cereal while the kids usually make some creation from Kraft mac-n-cheese... my son is turning out be be a great cook and you'd be surprised what he can make from that staple!

    Right now, I'm still unemployed, so it is starting to resemble Mother Hubbard's pantry. The cats and dogs have their food in ther - in abundance - while the people are looking at very boring cans of soup and boxes of spaghetti.

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    Originally posted by DoggiesAreTheBest
    Moose, I too am a nerd. My pantry is so organized. Hubby makes fun of me all the time.
    Josh makes fun of me too.

    I don't even know why I bother cleaning it though...Josh just comes home and ruins it all. He's like a little kid...

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    I try not to pay any attention to the pantry. That is my husband turf. I know there is a BUNCH of cans of lima beans -- a passion of his before he went lo-carb. I take one or two every time I see a canned food drive. Now it is green beans. He buys a case or two of canned green beans......

    My weakness is pasta. I see unusual ones and buy them. I have cat-shaped, angel-shaped, squid ink flavored black pasta, pastel colored, etc.

    Now with the lo-carb.... no pasta

    Perhaps I'll have a lima bean and pasta party????

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