Hey Guys,

I have a question....

One of my cats has pooped in the shower about 4 times this month. We got a deal on some litter at Sam's Club earlier this month, and thought that the switch in litter may have caused it, so we switched back, and it still happened yesterday, a week after the switch back. This happened several months ago too, and in the hallway! We caught Priss in the hallway as she was covering it up a while back. We suspect it's her in the shower, but can't be certain.

I called the vet twice, the first receptionist said that it could be something like a urinary tract infection and that the cat is going outside the litterbox because it's in pain and is associating the box with pain. And the second receptionist said she wouldn't worry about it and to keep an eye on it. Well, one of them went again. They are all acting normal and eating and drinking and playing. Could it be behavioral or physical? Has anyone had a similar problem? I don't know what to do!