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    New, intro

    Hi Thanks for the welcome Logan! I am new to Pet Talk, but have always been looking at Pet of the Day for some time. I am a Huge cat freak! I have 3 that are spoiled rotten!
    Kitkat is 4, a toite shell, she is very smart. I adopted her from a Vet hospital. She was a stray and about 4 months old. She is a talker, and very dramatic, and emotional. And loves to kiss me.

    Ladyfluff is 4, and I adopted her from the same Vet. She is a Maine Coon mix. She is aloof, and cool. Talks in a very high pitch voice, and always has to be near me. She is also my hubby's favorite little girl. She was also about 4 months old when she came to our family.

    Then there is BLUE, he is 2. A Siamese mix, and one of the most smartest cats I have ever known! Gets into everything, opens all cabinets, pulls things out, gets into my purse. He is a problem child, but he is also the most loving little boy! Loves to stay in my lap all the time. I got him from a shelter, he was a pityful little sight. ear mites, so bad that now he is constantly getting ear infections. His blood work showed he was in the first signs of kidney failure, well I have taken very good care of him, and my Vet, and the last blood work done was better!!!! He weighs about 15 pounds! Well thats my babies!
    Kitkat, Fluffbutt, and da'brat Blue RULE!

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    Hi Susie..your babies sound very cute. Welcome to cat talk. I have a burman and also have a siamese. They are both spoiled rotten too.
    "Happiness Is Owning A Human!"

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    I am new too, and i have been looking at the Cat of The Day for about a month. I want to tell everyone about my 4 "babies," too!
    The "grandpa," Curly, is 10 and very loving to everyone. All he loves is a warm lap!
    The 2nd, Rose, was brought home to me when she was about 6 months old. I think i was first person she had seen where she lived before us. They were my mom and dads friends and they had to move and she needed a home! So she came home with us, and i named her after one of the owners, Rose!
    The 3rd and 4th, which are the newest and they are brother and sister. The girl, Rainbow, is a beautiful cat. ( That's what everyone says about her, and shes as pretty as a RAINBOW!) Her brother Hobbes, is the BIGGEST cat i have ever had in my 14 years of life. They are only 8 months old(almost) and he as big as rose, who is 2! Wow! But he's my big "teddy bear!" We got them from my moms friend, who lives in the country. We had 7 kittens in our home at one time during the summer! ( which all got homes, and we were going to keep these 2 anyway!) They actually think I am their mom, because they came into our home at 2 months old.. they come to ME when they are hungry, scared, ect..
    Oh Jeez, look at how much i wrote about my cats! I better quit.. lol
    Sami, 14 yrs old,IA

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    We are all so glad to have each of you here, and I saw that Beavis's parents joined today too! This is a wonderful place to share our experiences, both happy and sad, and it will be better because you are all here.


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