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    sugar glider

    Does anyone else think that wild animals should be left in their natural habitat? and not captured for the amusement of humans?

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    i think that if you are able to take care for the animal that it is just fine to have something like that,but if you are ignorant about the animal or just have one to say you have that animal then no.It really all depends on the person and the animal.
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    I agree with you about the need to be educated about an exotic pet. I guess the thing that bothers me is that it seems arrogant to me to assume that we can take anything we want from nature just because we want it. Also, there are thousands and thousands of dogs and cats that need homes. Why make a wild animal a pet?

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    I like it when owners of special animals like Saffron share the pros and cons of this type of pet ownership. It gives us all a realistic view of their needs and requirements. We don't necessarily walk away thinking we need to have one, just have a greater appreciation for the species, and the extra steps their owners take to make sure they are properly cared for.

    I appreciate your passion, Rollickinghills. I wish all people were that careful before taking in any kind of pet.

    We have had some unusual "Pet of the Day" recipients in the past. But the owners of each of those unusual ones also are careful to talk about the special needs of these animals. The lady with the Canada Geese (Goose) named Dirty Bird is one that comes to mind right away. It has been probably a year or more since the goose was Pet of the Day (just checked and it was in November of 2001), but what an insightful view of life with that goose we received.

    Best intentions.
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    I think you know how to take care of the animal, then it's fine to keep one.

    Congrats on being POTD saffron!

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    Um, sugar gliders have been kept as pets for many years. They are not taken out of the wild, they are bred in captivity and there are several breeders and owners of sugar gliders. Geez, at least do a little research on the animal before complaining.

    As far as keeping exotic pets, I have no problem with it as long as they are kept by the right person who takes the time to learn about the animals needs and wants. I currently own two spiney mice, two hedgehogs and other "exotic" pets and they are fantastic animals and make great pets if they are taken care of properly.
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