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Thread: Hey Phred

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    Hey Phred

    Do you have an Oregon connection??

    (I used subterfuge to take this picture so it's a little out of focus)
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    LOL, that's too phunny!

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    Dad wantz wun!!

    Dad sed NEET-O!

    He's alluz *thinkin* bout gettin wunna thoze here in Oh-Hi-Yo,
    but we fink he's too cheep ta spring fur it!

    He figgers there isn't anudder *dim-wit* inna State that would
    want one - but they want too much $$ munnie fur
    "special plates".

    Now we wunder How Many *Phredz* there are??
    (Guess there's at least TWO of 'em!
    /s/ Cinder, Smokey & Heidi

    R.I.P. ~ Boots, Bowser, Sherman, & Snoopy

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    I'm not sure, what day is it? ;-)
    Tell your dad he might want to check it out. In Illinois, if you put a number behind the words, there's an initial extra cost but after that the renewal is the same as any regular plate. Like Phred 1 would be the same as a regular plate but just Phred would be Illinois that is. Maybe Ohio is similar?

    Phred 1 = personalized plate
    Phred = vanity plate

    Evidently in Illinois vanity costs more than personalization.
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    To funny!

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    For a moment, I thought he moved to Oregon without letting us know! TOO FUNNY!!!

    You mean, there are OTHER Phreds?

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    Youze Guyz "perked" Dad's interest...

    ... and he did sum sniffin on the
    Ohio License Plate webby site...

    Originally posted by Tubby & Peanut's Mom
    In Illinois... initial extra cost ...
    ... renewal is the same as any regular plate.

    Evidently in Illinois vanity costs
    more than personalization.

    Musta gib "PHRED" to sumbuddie else = NOT available.

    "PHRED" wiff or wiffout nummers front or back - dint kompute =

    FD PHRED gotz an OK!
    (Dad started fumblin fur hiz Plastik Munnie Kard)...

    Then he started figgerin da *KOST*...
    Furst came when he read How Much our *old* plate wuz
    gonna be This year = $55!
    WHOA! Last year it wuz onlee $44... ????
    (Fine Print = they needed summore munnie - so they "raised da price"!)
    Dad'z gettin !

    Summore fine print sez
    "Personalized Plates" kost an EXTREE $35 - well...
    Dad'z still thinkin... "FD PHRED" look purdy ...

    MORE fine print...
    Bye da Bye - dat'z $35 EXTREE
    EVERY Year!!
    $90 BUCKz!! *every* year!!??

    Then we looked at gettin wun wiffa Purdy Eagle Head onnit -
    Yup! $35 EVERY year - extra!

    We fink we're just gonna be blendin in wiffa krowd
    dis year - wearin our ratty old plates!.
    /s/ Cinder, Smokey & Heidi

    R.I.P. ~ Boots, Bowser, Sherman, & Snoopy

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    I thought about going the vanity plate route too, when we only had Cincy and Sadie and I had 2 cars in my name...until I saw the cost!! My truck, regular plates are $70 each year, and for the shadow it was $60 or so....add on the $35 for for a vanity and it would be almost $200 a year!!!

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    Geez Amy, we pay more than that in IN....they gouge us here. We usually spend around $300 for the 2 vehicles.

    Don't buy while shelter dogs die!!

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