Someone posted a sign at Petsmart last weekend:

1 1/2 year female
Wolf Hybrid
need to find good home
very sweet

I called and got some info on this animal. She's half wolf, spayed, gets along with people and other dogs. They are getting rid of her because she keeps breaking her chain and escaping. The person I contacted said the dog is staying with someone esle right now, but she is a trainer at Petsmart and if I wanted the dog, she could train her for me. Why she doesn't train the dog and keep her I don't know. She also has the brother to this dog which is hers and he stays inside/outside, but she's keeping him. Local wolf rescue can't take her because "she is managable" and living isolated in a sanctuary wouldn't be good for her. I don't know if any of you are experianced wolfdog folk, but I hope someone on here could help. I took the post down because I didn't want some ignorant low life to see it and say "I want a wolf hybrid" and the dog be stuck in a similar or worse situation then she's already in. If any of you think you can help or know someone who can help, you can email me and get the phone number. Thanks.