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Thread: The elusive and rare ceiling cone!! *pictures*

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    The elusive and rare ceiling cone!! *pictures*

    While working in Grand Rapids this past Wednesday, something above me caught my eye. Is that what I think it is?!

    A ceiling cone?!

    A close up.

    I thought of PT right away of course... LOL! I was so tempted to get a ladder and pluck him down.
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    My life is God filtered :)
    OMG it's soooo cute. I've never seen one quite like it. I wonder if it was part of a pack and wandered off by itself.
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    Interesting...a new species? hmmm
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    a conus stalagtitis! amazing

    These are not the droids you were looking for

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    Dad finks dat's wunna a New Werking Breed -

    Krimzun Dustis Connus ~

    Bred to sit like dat - UPPYside-Down (wiffout gettin a hed-ache) -

    to keep construction dust out of Smoke Detectors.

    Mite be a LOTTA dem turnin up inna Shelturz -
    kuz da Fiur Alarm Guyz nebber seem to come back an pick em up...
    Seemz their not "valuable" enuff.

    But they perform a VALUABLE service - reduce False Fire Alarms to
    buildings under construction or remodeling.
    Mite see em get 'dopted by sum Fiur Guyz!
    /s/ Cinder, Smokey & Heidi

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    What a handsome guy!

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    Originally posted by catland
    a conus stalagtitis! amazing
    LOL! I did a search on PT the other day for something TOTALLY unrelated to cones and came across the cone thread. Ever since then I can't look at cones in quite the same way! One took out my front bumper last year and I had a battle royale trying to get CalTrans to repay my insurance deductible. Yup, I appealed it all through the state's system and came back with nada. Oh well. I guess it was a case of conus interruptus -- my car was in the shop for about two weeks!

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    It's beautiful

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    I'm so jealous of you... Maybe this species of cone is related to the bat?

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    Very Rare Breed Indeed!!!!!
    Glad you let it be!!!!
    They can be Very Protective of their surroundings!!!!
    I Believe They,Like their cousin,The Bat....are nocturnal!!!
    You did notice that it was Fast Asleep,while protecting that smoke detector!!!
    We could report your find to
    American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Conus Stalagmitus!!!!!!!
    They will want to know his whereabouts,They will probably approach him in daylight..(while he sleeps) and attach a small transmitter,This does not hurt the Conus Stalagmitus,He barely feels it....They will want to follow him to learn more of his Food intake,His Mating Ritual,Etc.
    Kim,You've made quite the Discovery....1-800-Sav-a- Cone is their number!!!
    You Should Be SO PROUD!!!!
    Please Keep Us Updated!!!!!!
    ( I See A Jeff Corwin Show on this One!!!)
    The Deli Dog

    I want to Honor All of Our Rainbow Bridge Furkids

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    Were there more!?

    Thank you Wolfie!

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    haha... cute.
    Jen & Gigi

    Thanks Kay for the set.

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    R.I.P Rex
    - _HeAtHer_-

    Thanks MANDAMOO!!!!

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    Wow, I've never heard of those! Maybe you should report it to ?

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    Wow, a ceiling cone! That is a rare sight! I have never seen one! Cute!

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