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    What a cutie pie you are! Congrats on your special day!

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    Good Morning Ahab!

    What a little sweetheart you are Ahab. You are so cute with your silky, shiny coat. We are so happy to read your story and to hear about another wonderful family that has adopted another wonderful puppy(puppies). What a nice way to celebrate an anniversary!! Every day our Mom wishes that everybody in the world would be like your wonderful family. We would love to give you kisses sweetheart-you are really a doll!! Enjoy your wonderful day being our FAB DOTD and congratulations to you and your wonderful family!!! Say hi from us to your greyhound sibling also-we love greyhounds too. May you all have a wonderful Saturday enjoying your great honor. Ahab and greyhound sibling, don't ever stop loving your life like we do!!!!!

    Love Daisy and Delilah in BRRrrrrrr Florida

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    what a cuttie! look at that sweet face, i could hug him all day! congrats to ahab on being dotd and to you greyhound on getting such a great brother!!!

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    Ahoy Ahab!

    What a sweetie! Seeing that adorable face is going to make my Saturday chores a little less "choresome" today Congratulations on being Saturdays DOTD!

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    OMG!! Can you be any cuter? My dog and I just woke up and raced to the computer to see the dotd, and I can safely say that we got a pleasant suprise! well congrats in your big day, I hope your mommy+daddy give you extra treats!

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