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    Well.....Moses, didn't you grow up to be a big pretty kitty! And you earn your keep by helping and supervising chores! It sounds like you and your owners were very lucky when you found each other. Congratulations pretty boy!
    Kedi, Wylie, Rudy, and the dog Scout!

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    Very beautiful cat! Moses, you are GORGEOUS!!
    Congratulations on being our "Cat of the Day"!!

    Saima and Miko

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    Moses, you are a big boy for sure, and very pleasing to the eye. You look so soft! You are lucky to have been found by such a loving family. Congratulations for being The Cat of the Day...

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    Moses, you are "lucky" and loved! Isn't it wonderful that you were able to come into your family's life when you did. They helped you and you have certainly paid it back in full to them. And what a healing band-aid you must have been for their sad hearts after losing a loved one so recently when they found you!
    I think you are one handsome boy, and I am so glad we were introduced. Congratulations on being the Cat of the Day!

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    Soft, muted tones of charcoal and grey
    Eyes that shine an azure blue

    Fur as soft as a cottony cloud
    One beautiful boy, Moses that's you!

    And to the humans of beautiful Moses. I am so sorry you lost your precious furbaby. But so happy to know that Moses found his way into your home, and into your heart

    Congratulations to you Moses, our most handsome and sweet Cat of the Day!

    [ August 24, 2001: Message edited by: tatsxxx11 ]

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

    And my Rainbow Bridge Furangels...Jingles, Cody, Fritz, Chessa, Satin, Buddy, Lizzie, Oliver, Squeaker, Moonbeam, Rosie, Ruby~

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    Wow Moses, I hope the UTEP Miners don't have a big guy like you when they play our New Mexico Lobos next week or else it will be a long game! Seriously Moses (I love your name), you are a great lokking guy - 20 pounds of love. I am pleased to have met you today. God Bless you Moses!

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    Moses, you are a gorgeous kitty! What a pretty face! You sound a lot like our Bo, wanting attention on your own terms and being active at night. Bo is not a kleptomaniac, but she IS quite a furry alarm clock.
    Congratulations on being chosen POTD!

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    When I saw your picture this morning I said "what a gorgeous cat!" Upon reading your story, Mr. Moses, I am so glad that fate put you in the hands of your loving owners. Congrats on being today's C.O.T.D.!!

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    Moses I believe you were a gift from the heavens. Coming to your Mom and Dad like that when they needed you most. You are a beautiful kitty I bet you can get what ever you want with those dreamy blue eyes of yours. Conradulations beautiful boy on your special day!!!

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    My, my, Moses, don't you have your chest puffed up with pride at your beautiful self! And proud you should be, as you are a gorgeous boy! Puff it up more, since you have been most deservedly named today's Cat of the Day!

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    Oh, Moses, you are just gorgeous!
    What a sweet face and lovely blue eyes you have!
    My Charlie (now @ Rainbow Bridge) used to get marks like that on his nose and mouth from leaning up against the screens on the windows to look outside. (time to wash the screens?! )
    Congratulations, Moses! You have brightened my day!

    Many thanks to Kay for the fabulous sig!

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    Hello beautiful Moses!
    What a handsome kitty you are!

    Congrats and enjoy the spotlight!

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    What a beautiful kitty you are!!! So glad
    your wonderful people found you just in-the-nick-of-time.A foundling called Moses.
    Hmmm....Was there any water around where you
    were found??
    Congratulations to you sweet boy for being
    the Special CAT OF THE DAY today...
    I've Been Boo'd

    I've been Frosted

    Today is the oldest you've ever been, and the youngest you'll ever be again.

    Eleanor Roosevelt

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    Moses, I can just imagine how plush and soft you feel - just like a huge Beanie Baby!! Congratulations, you handsome boy!

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