ok i'm kind of venting here.

today i tried to return a pc game (american idol) yep its in stores as a game for pc's or game boy ect.

anyway the reason i was returning it was #1 the game is so long that it took 2 disks to make the thing.anyway i opened the game and gave it a try well it took a long time to set up but when it was done i was eger to play it.

well the game is a total rip off .the reeson is well i was using the arrows to go up and down the menu well guess what??????everytime i pressed the arrow twice it would exit me off the game i mean it would not let me play the game.

anyway today i went to get my money back well the store that i bought it at said i couldn't return it because it was opened,i'm saying in my head well duh in order to try the game you need to open it first if i had known the game was gonna be a rip off i would of not gotten it anyway the worker there said only thing he can do is swap the game for a new one thats just like it.so said ok but get this ..........................he kept the resipt (sp?) so i went back to my dads truck and this time he went in LOL and he came back with the recipt but no money back.

but we do have a UNOPENED GAME and recipt (sp?) so tommorow my mom plans on taking the game back and getting my money back

i am never going back to that store thats crazy to have to go through all that what ever happened to the customer's always right???????? anyway if you see the game american idol don't get it its money down the drain.take care