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Thread: The Heartbreak of a Lifetime

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    The Heartbreak of a Lifetime

    Since I am a published poet, I get letters every year inviting me to attend the International Poetry Convention. This is the second year I have gotten an invitation, but every time it breaks my heart that I can't go.

    First off, you are responsible to pay to get there and pay for your hotel... (but note: There's a hotel near by the convention that gives members a discount... they get to stay for $165 a night. )

    Then, you need the essential convention materials. $595.00 for the full registration. THAT'S ONLY FOR ME!

    THEN, I pay a deposit of $75.00 per person. For my mom, dad and I, that's a lot.

    So, add that to an average of let's say, $200 per person for the plane ride, for three people, there and back. That alone is $1200.

    Add that to the three night stay at the hotel for three people, $495.

    The entry fee, $75 per person, $225.

    My registration, $595.

    Total? Ready?


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    I know it doesn't feel this way right now, but hang on to the fact that it's such an honor to be invited.

    and who knows, perhaps some year you will be able to attend. Its a worthy goal to have.

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    I'm sorry to hear that, Abbygirl. Is that the honors thingy through

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    Silly question: is it always held in the same place? Would your parents understand if only one were to accompany you instead of both? Can you go if you don't receive an invitation (i.e. if you start saving now for next year's, and if hypothetically you aren't invited next year could you still go?) Would it be possible to travel an alternate way -- car, bus, train -- what would the impact be on the costs?

    Are there alternate hotels/motels in the area that are cheaper? Sometimes I can't afford the hotel that some of my group's conventions are at, but can stay cheaper a block or two away and walk over. (Not ideal, but it beats not going.)

    Note: If your parents are accompaning you to the convention, would they need full registration or perhaps a day pass only and entertain themselves on other days?

    How long before this meeting happens? Is it possible to save some money between now and then?
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