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Thread: Chance of a lifetime!

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    Chance of a lifetime!

    What a wonderful story you have Chance. Such a handsome young fellow. You are lucky to have found a purrrson who loves you very much and has taken such good care of you. I hope you have a happy and fufilled life with your loved ones...they took a chance on you and you came through with flying colours!

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    Chance, the Man

    Oh my goodness gracious! What a sad and heartwarming story. I am proud of the way you let folks care for you with all that frostbite. You are very brave. Enjoy your life now, big fella. Wear your wounds like a badge of are a survivor! And quite the handsome lad I might add.

    Scratches under the chin and belly rubs from Mrs Shevitz!
    Treasure your Earth and all the glorious Life that abounds...gently...

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    Thank you for sharing such a heart wrenching SUCCESS story and bless you for coming into this poor baby's life. He's beautiful!!!

    Rest In Peace Casey (Bubba Dude) Your paw print will remain on my heart forever. 12/02
    Mollie Rose, you were there for me through good times and in bad, from the beginning.Your passing will leave a hole in my heart.We will be together "One Fine Day". 1994-2009
    MooShoo,you left me too soon.I wasn't ready.Know that you were my soulmate and have left me broken hearted.I loved you like no other. 1999 - 2010See you again "ONE FINE DAY"
    Maya Linn, my heart is broken. The day your beautiful blue eyes went blind was the worst day of my life.I only wish I could've done something.I'll miss your "premium" purr and our little "conversations". 1997-2013 See you again "ONE FINE DAY"


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