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    We have to think of a Disney Charactere, and somthing that it owns or something, like example Cinderalla, and her glass shoe.
    We have to pick a disney characture, and whatever item they have, we have to made a add too sell it. Any ideas on the characture?

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    101 dalmation!!!
    sell a dalmation mwahaha
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    aladdin and a genie lamp
    robin hood with a bow and arrow

    Thanks, Dogz!

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    lol TM!

    Thankyou Guster girl!

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    Eeyore!!!!! I love Eeyore lol You could sell pink bows, like the one in his tail
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    Thank you so much Popcornbird!

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    That is a cute Idea! Thanks!

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    We just did an ad for school last week! lol...*kind of* a coincidence

    I'm just wondering, the item that you're supposed to sell...does there have to be anything special about it? For ours we invented a new item and wrote about why its good, and what special "features" it has.

    If it does, I would do Winnie the Pooh and a special kind of honey I think, lol
    I also like Aladdin and the genie lamp.
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    The most obvious - Mickey Mouse (the original Disney character) and cheese. Minnie Mouse and polka dot skirts ... Scrooge McDuck and vaults. Beanies for Hewy, Dewy and Louie!

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    Ariel and her hair comb...

    Mr. Toad's auto...

    Tinkerbelle's dust ...

    Capt. Hook's ship ...

    Peter Pan's hat ...

    Nanna (Wendy's dog)'s house ...

    The wicked queen/stepmother's apple or the magic mirror...

    [Sorry, sidetracked remember my favorite rides from my last visit to Disneyland.]
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