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Thread: Help, Puppy Ate Chicken Bones

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    Help, Puppy Ate Chicken Bones

    my 6 month old puppy just eight about 5-8 chicken bones, along with meat and all. WHAT DO I DO?!

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    Cooked or raw?

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    cooked, just got it from the grocery store about 4 hours ago

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    Call your vet.

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    The safe thing to do would be giving your vet a call and asking what you can do.

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    1) Call your Vet or an After Hours Emergency Vet.

    2) If the Vet agrees...
    Feed the Pup several slices of white BREAD...
    Local ER offers that suggestion when dogs eat bones.
    The Bread helps to "pad" the bone ends.

    Also, if Fido CHEWED the bones well;
    there is not much danger of internal injuries.
    Dogs that DON'T chew the bones and just bolt them down -
    are more at risk.

    And be sure to *INSPECT* all "output" from Fido...
    *Watch* for the bones to pass through his system,
    AND observe any Blood in the stool.

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    Take a small turkey baster and get Glycerine down their coat it....AFTER YOU CALL YOUR VET AND ASK HIM
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    Any news?

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