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Thread: Omar Shariff

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    Omar Shariff

    Wow, what a majestic cat you are Omar
    very handsome! Have fun hiding those toy mices and enjoy your day(s). Congrats!

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    Omar - you're truly majestic. I just love that wild look - you sound like such a fun Mau to be around - Congrats and have a beautiful day

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    Omar is one of the most beautiful cats I have ever seen! I am a big fan of grey tiger-stripeds, and he looks something like that! He is so regal - you have made me a lover of Egyptian Maus!
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    What a gorgeous boy you are Omar! The first I've heard of your breed!!! I agree with your human...More than a touch of the canine in you!! How smart and clever you are. What a pleasure it was to meet you handsome! Congratulations to you Omar, our stunning Cat of the Day!!! And Omar, check the drawer...I think there's a fresh supply of meeeces in there!

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

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    Well my breath has been taken away by stunning Omar - what a magnificant and handsome guy you are Omar! I can only echo what others have said and I am sure you will have quite a fan base today! Have fun playing with your mousies and human today! Congrats to our regal Omar, the deserving Cat of the Day!

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    You are so very handsom sweetie! I loved hearing about your water and mousey must be so cute staring at the shower curtain, waiting for a drop to come your way...

    I would love to see you playing fetch, our kitten has started doing that as well! You kitties are so cute!

    Congrats on your special day!
    ...RIP, our sweet Gini...

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    Omar --

    Edwina is in love. She is willing to learn Egyptian. She thinks the two of you could make beautiful "music" together if only she wasn't fixed. Your gray stripes -- her gray splotches.

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    He is Magnificent! =^..^=

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    Dearest Omar,
    You are just stunning! I can't get enough of you.
    Looks like you have an admirer...Edwina is a little cutie herself. I say go for it!

    Many thanks to Kay for the fabulous sig!

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    Oh Omar,

    You are a gorgeous, smart sweet boy. Hope you have a wonderful day as our special Cat of the Day. Hope you get lots of treats sweetie!
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  11. Thelma...

    Edwina is blushing.....

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    You are beautiful ... and sound so clever too! I would love for one of my cats to be a "retriever."

    Congrats on your special day!


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