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    Oh what a darling picture of little Tiger! Tiger, I love your tortie markings and I think you are going to grow into a beautiful adult. But its time to enjoy your kittenhood so I hope you have a great celebration today. How lucky for both you and your person that you were still there when they took a peak at this beautiful little kitten! God Bless you Tiger!

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    Tiger - you're simply irresistable - no wonder your owner couldn't pass you up. You're bound to grow into a beautiful tortie lady. Congrats on being our cutie COTD

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    Oh, no, a tortie girl!!!! One of my all time favorites! How lucky for your family that the best of the batch was patiently waiting for them! You are too beautiful for words sweet one. And you even came equipted with your own pacifier! I'm so happy to have met the precious and adorable, loving and beautiful Tiger, Cat of the Day! Consider yourself smothered with lots of teeeny kisses all over the gorgeous face!! Have a very special day of celebration!!

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    What a sweet thing you are Tiger! That is so cute that you suck on your tail before you sleep....what a little angel!

    Congratulations on being Cat of the Day sweetie!!
    ...RIP, our sweet Gini...

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    Oh, a sweet tortie tigress named Tiger,

    What a precious little bundle of love. Hope you have a wonderful day and life sweetie. It sounds like you have a wonderful home that knows what a darling they have. Congrats!
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    Tiger, Oh what a sweetie-patootie you
    are. Just look at your little,tiny self,with
    those beautiful green eyes...Thank your
    people for sharing your story & picture.
    Congratulations for honoring us today by
    being our CAT OF THE DAY!!!!! Many happy years to you sweet pea....
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    What a SWEET face! I couldn't have resisted her, either!

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    Awww!What a cutie!Tiger,I am honored to have you as COTD.You're so cute and your person is very lucky to have found you.When I saw your picture ( ) because you're so precious,then to hear your wonderful story.Congrats!

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    There are days when you want to reach into the monitor, scoop up the kitty and snuggle.
    Today is one of those days. Tiger, it is easy to see why your humans fell in love with you. I hope you have enjoyed a wonderful day as you sure are special. A long long life to you sweet thing.

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