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Thread: the way cats claim you and behavior

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    the way cats claim you and behavior

    Hi Cat Lovers:

    I have have a blue pt. Siamese and a black/white. Have had 5 other cats in the past.

    I don't know if this happens to anyone else, but when I am holding my cats, they love to take their paws and wrap it around my arms. I think they are claiming me. Also, when they are beginning to wake up, they lay on their backs with their paws up. (They both love having their bellys rubbed).

    Could anyone give me any hints on brushing their teeth. This is difficult. They usually squirm so much I have to let them go.

    Miss Tobina
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    miss tobina

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    I know the way to San Jose!

    Tooth brushing...

    Don Juan just luuuuuvvvss Pounce Tartar Control treats. And since that means I may not have to pay the vet to clean his teeth, he can have them!

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    Another vote for Pounce Tartar Control Treats - my two love them. I don't want to have to pay for teeth cleaning again for a LONG time! It's VERY expensive! Mitzi is still recovering from the antibiotics -- I think the aftercare was worse for her than the teeth cleaning and extraction. Mishi, being the manly-man he is , is back to his talky self.

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