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Thread: Good Morning Wreck!

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    Good Morning Wreck!

    What a big pretty girl you are in your little red hat. We think those morning kisses could surely get everyone in the house moving. Right big girl? You have such a sweet and gentle face and we can tell you are very sweet and gentle indeed. It sounds like you are truly the joy of your family and they love having you around. Our big nephew Jake would love to meet you-maybe you could stop over if you come down this way. Have a wonderful day celebrating pretty girl and many heartfelt congratulations on your great honor of being our wonderful DOTD!!! Delilah is still a bit under the weather with her toothache so its me Daisy again but we both agree that you should remember to love your life like we do every day!!!!!

    Love Daisy and Delilah in Sunny Florida

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    You are a very beautiful big girl. I bet your mom does have a lap full when you sit in her lap. You look like you are a very loving girl.
    I hope you have many, many , happy years with your family. They sound like they love you very much.

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    Wonderful Wreck!

    Good Morning Wreck! What a beautiful lap Lab you are, so festive all decked out in your adorable Santa hat! I'll bet Santa had lots of special goodies of his sleigh for you this year, sweet girl. And I'll bet you made one awesome Superman (or woman!) last Halloween too!

    I'm so impressed with your Retriever resume! Sounds like you've got all the prerequisites nailed down...retireving, sock chewing, ball playing, swimming, loving on your stuffies, dispensing kisses and spreading love and laughter wherever you go! My Labbie Star would like to extend an open invitation for you to stop by for a swim in our pool (or the ocean!) and a game of soccer (two of her favorite pastimes) if you ever make a trip up north You know Wreck, your family is truly blessed to have such a lovable furkid like you to brighten their days!

    Congratulations to you sweet, gentle, beautiful Wreck, our super duper Saturday Dog of the Day! Wishes to you and yours for a Happy New Year and many, many more to come! Hugs and Labbie butt wiggles and happy tail wags to you from Sandra, Cody and Star!

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

    And my Rainbow Bridge Furangels...Jingles, Cody, Fritz, Chessa, Satin, Buddy, Lizzie, Oliver, Squeaker, Moonbeam, Rosie, Ruby~

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    Yeah!!!! What a delightful girl you are, Wreck (with a cute name too)!! You can "wreck" my house and yard whenever you want to!!!! I have four "yellow" dogs who would love to play with you, and two of them are your age too!!!!

    Congratulations to Wreck, a beautiful labbie Dog of the Day!!!

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    Wreck, you have the sweetest face! You look like an angel. What lucky people you have and no wonder they love you so much.

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    How festive you are in your Santa hat, sweetie! I bet Santa was extra good to you this year! How could he not be? I bet you were one of his prettiest helpers. Congratulations on being our special Dog of the Day today too!

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    Hi beautiful girl.

    I was wondering how you got your name sweetie. Were you
    an active, in-to-everything kind of puppy, just like my Smokey?
    I love your gorgeous golden yellow coloring. So pretty. Many
    happy congratulations on being chosen for special honors today
    Wreck as our DOG OF THE DAY.
    I've Been Boo'd

    I've been Frosted

    Today is the oldest you've ever been, and the youngest you'll ever be again.

    Eleanor Roosevelt

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    I'm still laughing at your name and picture, Wreck..OH! NOT in a bad way, but a happy, delighted, thrilled way, cause there's nothing like a Labbie to make life fun and exciting and every day an new adventure! I love your pinky nose and huge expressive brown eyes and you look so fabulous in your Santa hat too! It's easy to see why you're loved heaps and bundles! You're irresistable!

    I've been Boooo'd!

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    Hello gorgeous!

    Wishing you lots and lots of special "socks" this Christmas - socks you can call your own!

    My Captain LOVES socks too ..........

    Hope you had a great DOTD day, sweetheart.
    "No dog is born either vicious or friendly, but rather a blank slate that is moulded, for better or worse, by the owner."

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