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Thread: New ***Pics*** of the Rats

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    New ***Pics*** of the Rats

    I've almost filled up my new digital camera. Take a look.

    The cage...

    I love this picture. Bart looks like he's winking.

    One of my best pictures, I think....

    The same picture but, er.... winky...

    Bart hiding behind Wiggum (at least I think it's that order)...

    More in my next post....
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    This picture is also very clear...

    Rats with apple...

    Bart with apple...

    The rat on my finger....

    The last one...

    Sorry for the blurriness.

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    aww they are so presious!!! (spelling sucks) lol. they are so CUTE. there we go
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    Aww great pics, very cute! Be careful with the apple; the seeds are poisonous to rats.
    I've been BOO'd!

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    Thanks for letting me know, wolfsoul.

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