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    I would like to introduce you to Moses. A high white cameo, Maine Coon. He is 4 yrs old and is a Premier (Champion Alter). Next year I will try to get him a granded. I believe he can do it. His mother was a silver patched female and his father was a silver. I also have his sister who is a high white patched tabbie. They are both very sweet cats. Moses is my male cat sole mate. He is very lovable gives kisses, puts his paws around my neck and nuzzles me in the face. When I was sick and out of work for 3 weeks he stayed beside me for most of the time. He is Uncle Moe to the kittens that are born here and shows them how to drink out of the sink and tub. He sleeps with the kittens when they are allowed to run the house and helps with wash duty. He is very protective of them and watches what they get into. Here he is with one kitten from a past litter.

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