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    Yoda you are a very handsome boy indeed. You not only look like my Andy but seem to have some of the same traits (making things go bump in the night! ) It sounds like you have made yourself quite a star in your home and now you are today's star at "Cat of the Day!" Have a purrrfect day little Yoda. You are our special kitty today!

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    Hi Yoda!! What a perfect name for a scamp such as yourself! Your fun loving personality is a perfect contrast to that look of refined elegance and beauty!! Now, keep up the good work keeping your humans hopping! And throw yourself a big bash today! Big hugs to you precious Yoda. You're the Cat of the Day!!" Yipppppe!!!

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    Yoda, you are so handsome, so elegant and it sounds like you keep your humans busy all the time. Congradulations on being the most fun-loving, handsome, elegant Cat of the Day.

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