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Thread: Maybe All Us PTers Should...

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    Maybe All Us PTers Should...

    visit forums that are last on out list. Maybe post a thread, or post some replys. Maybe even some of us dog lovers can visit the cat area, and some of the cat lovers can visit the dog area. And possibly more people could visit the PET area, where you can talk about all pets. Or maybe even visit, the dog house, general, meetings, etc. The reason why...

    Well, ( now don't think I'm crazy) I have been looking at some forums, and they are REALLY bare. They only have like 4 threads. When new people come here, it is just that I go to places that have a page full of topics. Then, I go somewhere where people rarely go, and I feel diserted.
    If you don't have something that fits into a forum, then just go to a cat place if you are a dog person. Not for very long, just to see what it is like on the other side. Go post a little. Make a thread or 2. I just think that it would be nice for the dog people to get along with the cat people. And, for the people that have only loved a cat, can learn about how strong the love of a dog is. I just think that people would have more to talk about on PT, and could talk to cat person just like they were a dog person.

    Don't listen to me though. It is probably a stupid idea. I am just little old Jan

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    True, alot of us dont visit other places but, im sure people do go there, some people just dont feel like posting..

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    It's not a dumb idea at all, Jan! It's a good idea in fact. Of course, I visit most of them anyway, at least the "General" and "Health" section of each one because I have pets that fit into each category! It is hard to stop in every one of them, but those who don't at least look are missing out on some fun stuff and great pictures!!!

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    I like having just a few "main" boards where the majority of the threads are posted. I don't have the time to go through each forum and see if there are any new posts. For me, it's more convenient to go to the General boards of each category and read those threads. It's too much of a hassle to go through each one.....for me at least. But hey, whatever........

    I'd have to agree with Amber on this one, too....people do go to those "empty" boards, but they just don't have anything to post. It's not a big deal.....just don't go to those forums if you don't like the way they "feel," or just post have just as much ability to post as everyone else here.

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    I visit every forum every day......
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    Originally posted by slick
    I visit every forum every day......
    Dear Slick,
    I am impressed, very, very impressed.

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    I do visit the dog side, cat side, pet side, and the general/dog house boards every least scan through them. I think most of the Behavior/Games/Rescue/etc. boards are pretty much quiet........and on the Pet side, other then Pet General, no one posts anywhere. I do think we should alert ourselves to checking out Pet Health though, because I noticed sometimes newbies post there in need for advice, and no one ever visits or responds to them. I count myself in.............I saw some threads in there like a month after they were posted, and felt bad that they got no answer in all that time.

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    I really don't think too much about where I go, I hit "Todays active threads" and I stop by the ones which appeal to me - both titles and members names. When I have time, I reply to some and unfortunately it is very random which. Hope to be less busy soon! Of cource, I mostly look at the Cat forum.

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    I look through almost every board, everyday. Especially when i'm waiting for others to post in things i've already posted in.

    If I posted in EVERY thread, or posted EVERY thought I had, i'd have 52353485904284623643634646+ as my post count.

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    That doesn't sound like a bad idea. I am extremly busy at work (plus with the added holiday MADNESS starting), I can't come to the boards as often as I would like but I'll make an effort to pop in the other sections.

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    I go to General the most often, then I go to the Dog House, and Cat general and Dog general. I sometimes go to Pet General, but rarely post there. I'm going to Dog general more and more now for some reason I just love to see the pics of the dogs I also go to cat general alot since I have a cat. But I do go view other posts in other boards too, its just that I don't always post in other boards too, but I do look at them once in awhile.
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    I try to look at all of the forums, but I don't always post. I like reading about ALL pets. And I like visiting the General forums.

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    I'm like Randi I veiw active threads. Unless I'm fallowing a thread Like Thursdays.

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    Originally posted by Kfamr
    I look through almost every board, everyday. Especially when i'm waiting for others to post in things i've already posted in.

    If I posted in EVERY thread, or posted EVERY thought I had, i'd have 52353485904284623643634646+ as my post count.
    LOL! I can imagine.

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    I also look at todays active threads, then I just open up whatever ones seem interesting to me.
    I've been Defrosted!

    Thanks for the great signature Kay!

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