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Thread: Signs of a Successful Thanksgiving...

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    Signs of a Successful Thanksgiving...

    As if gorging yourself on one massive dinner isn't enough, Josh and I have been stuck with doing two dinners the last couple years - one with my family and the other with his. My mom made turkey (duh), sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, stuffing, sauerkraut, green bean casserole, rolls, hard boiled eggs, and broccoli. Josh's great aunt had turkey (duh again!), mashed potatoes, stuffing, sauerkraut, candied sweet potatoes, candied carrots, and green beans. And rolls. Needless to say, I am stuffed. I can barely move. Oof. Oh yeah, dessert was pumpkin pie with cool whip.

    Samantha and Sherman also had a very good day. Turkey, a couple pieces of turkey skin, a couple bites of stuffing, not to mention my mom cooked up the turkey giblets for them to put on top of their puppy/kitty food. Now they're konked out on the couch, which is what I feel like doing. Here are three adorable pictures I just took of it. Note to self: When Samantha won't settle down, give her turkey!!

    Spoiled rotten animals. :approve:

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    Awww. The one of Sam is adorable.
    I'm going to post my pictures soon, too

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    Oh My Gosh!!! They are adorable. You caught a great moment there. 2 super cute furbabies!

    Sounds like you had a nice and busy Thanksgiving.

    Happy Turkey Day!


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    OMG! I am so jealous! They're laying on the same couch! I wish my dogs and cats would be buddies. They look so cute.

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    Those two are absolutely adorable, I love them both. That is the perfect after Thanksgiving picture.

    Tonya I would just like my 2 kitties to be that friendly. I am jealous too.
    Bob & Joey,
    and their happy and willing slave, Bryan.

    Many Thanks to Kay for the Picture.

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    gosh what great photos! i wonder how funny i look to the dog and cats when i'm asleep
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    Originally posted by Tonya
    OMG! I am so jealous! They're laying on the same couch! I wish my dogs and cats would be buddies. They look so cute.
    Ohhhh, they're not buddies. I wish they were, but Sherman hates Samantha. He's learned to coexist with her but he still lets us know that he is not happy about it. I'm sure he'll be grateful to have his house back when she leaves in June.

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    Great pictures Jaime!!!!

    If anything, the turkey seemed to make my dogs more hyper (if possible)--they ran around all day and all night yesterday, with no napping, and finally crashed around midnight!!
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    All that food sounds so yummy! mmmmmmm

    Those pictures are hilarious! Not only humans feel the effects of turkey, too funny.

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    awwww they're so cute!!

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    Thanks everyone!

    We gave Samantha a little more turkey when we had some leftovers for lunch today and she took a nice long nap shortly afterwards. Note to self, keep turkey on hand for those days when she just refuses to settle down.

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