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Thread: Puppy Mills

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    Puppy Mills

    There is supposed to be another segment on puppy mills tonight on Dateline. I am going to try and watch it, but don't know if I will be able to. I get so upset.

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    Didn't know it was going to be on. It is perhaps the most difficult thing to watch I can imagine. There is no one home tonight but me. I think I'll tape it and watch it with my family tomorrow, not on a night alone. I know I will get sick and cry for hours. Those images haunt me for days. Then again, that is what it is meant to do. If those beautiful, brave puppies and dogs can be as courageous as they are, certainly I owe them, at least, the strength to watch. Hopefully it will enlighten more people who are unaware of these horrors. HUA's site gives a lot of excellent suggestions about things we can do to help. Try and be brave're such a gentle soul.

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    Thought you might be interested in this web site. It's very informative. It's great that people are getting the word out about these horrible places. The Dog Auctions were especially disgusting. I don't see how people can be so inhumane for profit...

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