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Thread: Why does my cat like to lick my hair.

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    Why does my cat like to lick my hair.

    We have 2 cats. A black and white year 1/2 tuxedo named Socks picture below who likes to lick my hair. When I put my head down or when he goes on me he licks my hair. Also when he goes on my stomach he will move his paws slowly back and forth. I don't know why.

    Also my other cat Tiger the light brown one likes to do suckling when on me.

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    Welcome to Pet Talk!

    I think Tuxedos have a hair fetish. Seriously, he may be attracted to the smell of the shampoo or conditioner you use. My foster Boots loves to rub his face all over my wet hair.

    The paw moving is called "kneading", "making bread", and a whole load of other terms. This is a feline term of endearment as it mimics the motion tiny kittens make when they are nursing to get the milk to come out of the faucet faster. Among my cats, the males seem to do it more than the females.

    Your kitties are pretty! You can attach up to a 2 meg picture, so you can post bigger ones.

    Here's Boots, my hair-loving foster.
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    My aby not only likes to lick my hair, he also tries to eat it!! If I put my head down near his face, all of a sudden I will hear him chomping on my hair, sometimes he pulls on it and it hurts!!! He's always purring and kneading when he does it, my silly little puss
    I love my furkid Neko!

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    Welcome to PT reddice. My Mitzi likes to chew on my hair. Sometimes it feels like she's trying to eat it down to the scalp which hurts! If I approach her for a hug when my hair is wet she will play with it - I love my little kitty, especially when she acts silly

    She also loves to knead on me - doesn't really matter what part of my body. If I'm sitting watching TV she will come up to me and start kneading on whatever body part is closest - arm, leg, or she'll crawl up on my tummy or chest. She's my little purring, kneading love bug.

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    By the way Socks will only lick my hair or my grandmothers and it does not matter if I have any shampoo.

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    Filou will lick my husband's hair -and he likes it best when it is very short

    I think he makes sure my husband is always well groomed.

    That kneading thing with the paws is something cats do as a baby, to get more milk. As our housecats never really grow up, they continue to do it to create a warm feeling.

    All of it means: your cat loves you

    And different cats have different ways to show you

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    Doesn't everyone know that hair is essential for a kitty's diet!

    Bastet the hair muncher. She also tries to *bury* stuff in my hair and its short at present. Although I think thats a hint for me at 2am to go play. Kneading only occurs without claws when she doesn't want anything. Kneading with claws gets a very fast response. She has learnt that behaviour!!
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    Welcome to PT!

    Fister only licks my hair when I've been to the hairdresser or is wearing perfume, but as Barbara says, I'm sure it's a way of telling you he loves you.

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    Then why does Tiger do his sucking.
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    Schuyler (white) will knead or "make biscuits" in the back of my hair/neck to wake me up in the morning. He will also lick my face (ouch!) sometimes . . . I'd like to think it is because he loves me, but probably he is just very hungry for his breakfast!

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    I have no idea why kitties do that. Bob will do something like that, but it is really rare.

    I just wanted to say welcome to PT.

    I hope you enjoy it here.
    Bob & Joey,
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    Many Thanks to Kay for the Picture.

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    my cat does that too. but to a blanket...

    My cat likes to suck on this blanket i brought it home to the first time. for a while that was the only time she would pur. my cat is kinda mean. she wont let me rub her tummy (or comb it) and she is scared of my boyfriend! i think cats bond to thier owners scent when you take them from thier mom too early, but i think they also miss some of lifes lessons only mom can teach.

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    My Boo Bear used to do that but not any more. He especially did it when I came home from the hair salon; maybe it was the smell of fresh hair products, I don't know. But he'd always get over enthusiastic and then yank on my hair HARD! He'd grab a mouthful by the root, it seemed, and yank!

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    Double-Oh likes chewing on my hair.... its so annoying. He did it a lot more when he was younger and has kind of grown out of it as he got older, but oftentimes I will wake up in the middle of the night to him chomping on my hair. He ONLY does it when I'm sleeping anymore... the sneaky little guy!! So when I wake up and chunks of my hair is stiff... I know he's been chewing on it


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    My cat Peach did that - someone told me that it's a trait of Siamese cats. Don't know if that's true or not.

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