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Thread: Hallie's Deep Concentration

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    Hallie's Deep Concentration

    Here is Hallie, figuring out if she is winning a game of Candyland or not.

    Sorry that it's SO bright. My dad messed up when he lightened it. I hope that ya'll can see it. Or we'll just have to play another game and take some more pictures!
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    Also, I thought that this was really cute. We call her DJ Hallie. I hope that all of you know what a DJ is. Anyhow, Hallie was just listening to Shania Twain and I snapped this pic. What do ya'll think?
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    Our Hallie loves to pose!
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    Cute pictures!!

    Although the picture is light, I can see her deep in concentration over that Candy Land game, lol!!!
    Emily, Kito, Abbey, Riley, and Jada

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    Awww! Hallie is so cute, great pics! I can see the concentration on her face also!

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    We are fixing to play a game. I will take pics as soon as we get started!

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    here I fixed up the first one for ya

    great pics!
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    than-you! it looks better!

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