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Thread: Need a quick answer - rabies shots in cats

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    Need a quick answer - rabies shots in cats

    I'm headed to the vet's with Hanna & Bo in a few minutes. Just for shots, nothing bad.

    A few years ago, Bo had a cancerous lump at the site of his rabies shot. It was safely removed, but it was very dangerous, and the report said he had a chance of the cancer recurring.

    He is now again due for another rabies shot. I talked to my vet yesterday and discussed skipping the rabies shot in my indoor only cats. He said he would not give it if I was so concerned. I went away happy, but now I'm having 2nd thoughts.

    I am a worry wart, and if my cats ever bit anyone, and didn't have their rabies shot, something bad could happen.

    What does everyone think?

    I know this is a deep subject and probably very debatable, but I want to do right by my kitties.

    They never go out, and mostly hide when visitors come. THey have never bitten anyone. I do have dogs that go outside, but they are vaccinated.

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    My cats (always indoors) do not get vaccinated for rabies. We started this as it was standard procedure at the military base vets for indoor cats - and have just continued the practice all these years. I think some counties do require it, but not where we live.

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    Thank you very much!

    I had it already made up in my mind that I don't want these shots, but wanted reassurance. My vet OK'd it and I asked about the legality of it. I just can't see how my indoor only cats would ever come in contact with a rabid animal. We are leaving in 15 minutes, time for me to stress. Luckily thses cats are my "good" ones, I don't expect problems getting them into their carriers and on the ride.

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    My indoor kitties don't get vaccinated at all any more. I think you are safe to skip the rabies shot.
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    rabis shot

    in light with this topic, i would like to ask. what if i got the cats from outside. they used to be feral and now i plan to keep them as indoor cats. should i give them rabies shots for my safety ? or could the vet check them for rabies without harming them

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    I know some people don't agree but I skip vaccinations on indoor kitties.

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    We are required to do it annually, in SC. We have been fortunate, though, that we have never had problems with the shots in any of our pets. My cats go outside, so I do it for their protection, plus the fact that Buttercup has the tendency to be quite playful (that's a nice word for "bitey") and I feel better with him having his shots up to date at all times.

    I would allow your vet to help you make that call. Seems as if they are inside, all the time, you shouldn't need to worry as much.

    Good luck!

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    Cubby gets all his shots, vaccinations and rabies shots.


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    OK, I'm back. I went in and it was a different vet (husband/wife team) and then I was told rabies is required! So I had to have both vaccinated against rabies. However, I skipped the rest of the shots. I also finally got them microchipped, and blood drawn from Bo for some tests (b/c of his age).

    They told me complications could arise from any vacc. not just rabies.

    This is such a confusing issue. On one hand, I would feel terrible if any of my cats got a disease I could have prevented with a vacc. On the other hand, the lump Bo got scared me to death. On the other hand (I have 3 hands ), my cats never go outside, never bit anyone, but I would die if they ever did bite someone and had to be killed to be tested for rabies.

    I don't know what to think.

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    It really is hard to figure out what to do. If you have to get the rabies shot, then use the Purevax Rabies Vaccination. It is the best one to avoid tumor development at the site of injection.

    When you have some time, look at the link below. This website has a large amount of excellent info relating to vaccinations in pets.

    Sylvia's Journey

    Another article on vaccinations:

    Vaccination Recommendations: The good, the bad, the ugly.
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