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    change of status

    We'll I have bad news for the lost and homeless in Flathead county. We have gone from a no kill shelter to a kill one . I guess they started having gutless people just leaving animals at the door after hours and there was just too many that they ran out of space. Sad day here in Montana !!! We still have PAWS and a lady has a private shelter that a lot of people help her out She even goes to Canada to save premin foals and mares. She gets them healthy and the it costs about $200.00-500.00 to adopt them.She fosters out as many dogs as she can. Hope the county changes it'smind back to a no kill shelter as it's a new faucilty not even a year old yet.

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    I'm soooo sorry to hear that. I don't know how anyone could have that job. There is no way I could inject the blue juice into a perfectly healthy animal and watch it die. You must have to be hard hearted or able to remove yourself totally from the situation. We'll keep you in our thoughts for the shelter to change its mind and that gutless people will finally get a clue and stop dropping off animals that they don't want anymore.

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    I'm really sorry! That's awful. I hope some miracle happens and your great shelter can be a place of new life, not death, once again. Don't give up hope just yet! Maybe some rich animal lover will feel bad and donate a million? Oh if only I was rich!!! Let me tell you, there would be a lot of happy doggies out there!

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