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Thread: show this weekend

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    show this weekend

    This weekend I am show Ch. R.P. Cathouse's Jaxon he needs 95 points to grand. Then Wrevenik Charlie Parker who is going after winners ribbons for his Champion Title. Then I am showing Moosecoon Sanuye RP Cathouse she is 4 1/2 months old in the kitten class and Stacalone's Suzee Q R.P. Cathouse in the kitten class. It took all day to bath dry and groom the 4 of them. They now look all dressed up and ready to parade their stuff. I always have fun at the show. So many cats and kittens to see and lots and lots and lots of vendors to spend money on. I really have fun. Wish my guys luck!!!! Will let you know what happens.

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    Good luck! Break a paw (not really, old dancin' cat good luck wish). Post pics!

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    Good luck at the show. Hope you and the kitties win lots.

    I agree. Get Pics. Post Pics.
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    Many Thanks to Kay for the Picture.

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