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Thread: How bad is Hook Worms b/c my dog Kisses has hook worms

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    How bad is Hook Worms b/c my dog Kisses has hook worms

    My dog Kisses got the Hook Worms! but how did she get it? what makes it happen? Can it kill my dog!??

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    I though Kisses was the name of the dog who died that you talked about in Dog Rescue yesterday? I'm confused.

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    very confused?!

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    Me, too. Is that what Kisses died from???? I don't understand. I thought it was rabies.

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    Please clear up the confusion about Kisses. Is it the dog called Kisses that has hookworm or a dog that kisses you that is infected?

    In the U.K. we have Uncinaria stenocephala as the only real parasite of the hookworm family, although Ancyclostoma, or tropical hookworm, is sometimes seen in imported animals.
    Uncinaria does not suck blood like tropical hookworm so anaemia does not occur unless massive numbers of worms have caused a lot of damage to the intestine. Few symptoms occur, in fact, and large numbers of worms are likely to cause diarrhoea, poor growth and general loss of condition.
    Hookworm is most likely to occur in kenneled dogs that are run on grass as the larvae need a period outside of the host to mature through to a third stage larvae.
    They can also burrow through the pads of the feet causing red, sore skin between the toes and soft spongy edges to the pads. They do not migrate further within the body although the tropical hookworm do.
    Pretty disgusting, but remember infection is rare and routine worming with products supplied by the vet will deal with this worm.

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