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Thread: Connor's first day

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    Welcome Connor, you certainly have landed on your feet

    I can't wait for the new photos.

    So Julie, do you like being in the multi-cat household club ?

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    WELCOME TO PET TALK CONNOR!!! Julie, I'm so glad to hear that Connor is finally in his new loving forever home. Hopefully he isn't deaf but just a very laid back cat. My Storm's fur is the color of a Russian Blue cat and he has the softest fur. It kind of feels like rabbit fur. His fur is also two toned.

    Good luck with the introductions. Remember to take it very slowly and I'm sure that Ally will learn to accept him in time. I also can't wait to see some more pics of gorgeous Connor.
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    Welcome, Connor!!!

    You've won over all our hearts in a you are in for the hard part: convincing Miss Ally!!!

    He's so handsome, Julie...and I just love his looks and laid back attitude...the best o'wishes to your new addition!!!
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