Hi guys,

I brought Connor home at around 10am this morning. (Yes, I have decided to call him Connor - thanks for all the input and advice)

I immediately put him in his room, with food, water, new litterbox, new scratchpost (with catnip) and a new blanket.

During the day I have been rubbing them both with the same towel. Ally has been lurking outside Connor's room, and occasionally hissing.

They have also seen each other through a glass door (Connor was totally uninterested, Ally went CRAZY). Hissing, growling, scratching..............

I now have Connor back in his room, and Ally is sulking in the kitchen. She will not let me near her, and has been hissing and swatting at me! (Thanks goodness I clipped her nails last night).

ONE HUGE CONCERN - I think Connor may be deaf. When I go into his room, and he has his back to me, he does not react at all until I touch him. I will test my theory later with a clicker and a squeaky toy, and let you know what happens.

I plan to leave Connor in his room for the rest of today, and start with the towel rubbing etc tomorrow again!

I'll keep you updated!

Of course all your advice is appreciated!!