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Thread: how can you tell if a puppy is blind?

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    how can you tell if a puppy is blind?

    one of the puppies in sadie's litter is not responding to anything right now. she can hear because when we call her she comes. but she either goes to the right or left and not directly to us. even if we don't call her and she hears me talking she still does the same thing. does this mean she is or possibly can be blind?
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    im not sure if it means shes blind but i think you could like snap your fingers or like put your hand near her eyes and see if she reacts to that... hope this helps
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    Sounds like its time to take the pup to the vet. Plan ahead with the front desk so you won't have to wait long, to minimize the time away from the mom.

    If the vet says the pup is blind, but is otherwise fairly healthy, don't dispare. Handicapped pets can have full, wonderful lives with the right caretaker. I have a blind-from-birth cat and he's terrific I hope things go ok for you and all the pups!
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    Any word yet on the puppy's vision??? Hoping for the best. Please let us know. Thinking of you and the dear little pup.

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