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Thread: Beautiful Baby!

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    Baby, you are a beautiful calico with a beautiful spirit to have adjusted so well to your handicap. You are one fluffy adorable girl. I am glad that you have a purrent who was able to make a difficult decision with your best interests at heart. I also applaud your willingness to help two former ferals make the adjustment to the good life of a house cat. Congratulations on being our wonderful Cat of the Day.
    Steffi and Lovable

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    Congratulations on being our lovely Cat of the day, Baby!

    You are such a pretty girl! Loosing one eye has not taken away your charm one bit, and you must look SO cute when you’re peeking around a corner. I hope your mom can find a non fattening treat for you, so you stay fit. Have fun and let yourself get spoiled with lots of cuddles and toys today on your very special day.

    Scritchies and kisses from us,
    Fister and Randi

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    Baby, your beauty shines through in many ways! I wish I was right there with you to give you a little scritchie on the chin. I hope your day is wonderful, and bless your heart for taking in the ferals.

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    My white stallion of a cat Schuyler is blind in his blue eye (common for white cats) and probably deaf in the corresponding ear, but he gets along fine, just like you, sweet baby! I'm sure you and he will agree upon that . . . and you don't let it crimp your style, either! Congrats of being COTD!

    Avatar courtesy of Kimlovescats . . . many thanks!
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    Baby, you sure are very beautiful. Congrats on being COTD!!!
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