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Thread: "Old Dog Cough"

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    "Old Dog Cough"

    Did you know there is a condition that a lot of old dogs get called "Old Dog Cough"?

    Poodles are especially susceptible. It's actually caused by a ring or two in the throat collapsing. It can be cured with an operation, but most dogs are too old for the operation. The best that can be done for them is a medication to keep them from feeling like something is stuck in their throat.

    Bear has a pill called Tubutrol that he takes twice a day. Without it, he sounds like a 3-pack a day smoker. He will have to take this for the rest of his life.


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    Murphy has an "old dog cough". Sounds like she is getting ready to hack up a hairball, as if she were a cat! There is nothing that the vet has been able to determine that causes it. Wonder if she has the same thing, Mary??

    Thanks for the info.

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    Collasping trachea

    is most often seen in very young dogs or puppies of small size as a genetic defect. It is caused by the absence of the cartlidge rings in an area of the trachea. It is characterized by a "gag" reflex (not a cough) as the trachea collaspes and shuts off the air momentarly. The gag sounds almost like the dog is ready to vomit, but it never does. This usually occurs after strenuous exercise, but can occur under other conditions such as excessive panting leaving the trachea dry. Usually the young dog will either outgrow it, or it may necessitate surgery to repair if it becomes severe.

    It would be very rare for an older dog to suddenly develop this condition. Presumably a light scope was stuck down the trachea of your dog to diagnose this problem? If not there are other possible causes.

    Torbutrol is a very potent morphine pain killer for dogs. The sedative effect would probably inhibit the coughing reflex. As a morphine like compound your dog may over time build up a tolerance to the current dosage.

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    Originally posted by Logan
    Murphy has an "old dog cough". Sounds like she is getting ready to hack up a hairball, as if she were a cat!
    Angus gets the same thing when he's playing with Roxey.
    Never seems to hurt him, but I wonder if it's the same thing

    Huney, Bon & Simba-missed so very much
    Remembering all the Rainbow Bridge Pets

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