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    Hi Millie,
    You are a very beautiful lady. I am so glad that you beat cancer. I know your owner is very happy. You know they have to love you very much to go to all that expense. I know cause I did that for my Chrissie. She had liver shunts. she is find now. And I am so Happy that you are doing great and I got a chance to see you. You are loved very much.

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    Millie you are one in a million. Thank goodness you beat cancer and you are such a beauty too

    Hi Ya Flintstone

    Rockys fave saying

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    Miracle Millie!

    Dear Millie girl. You deserve all the love and praise we can heap upon you, sweetheart! What a brave, determined, courageous pup you are, fighting your cancer with such poise and strength! Then again I'm not suprised...after all, you ARE a JRT!! I'm so happy to learn you've beaten your cancer! You're a most precious and adorable little pup and I know you bring great joy, love and laughter to your family, especailly to your Mom! Keep up the good work staying healthy, barking up a storm and reveling in all of those terrific JRT antics! Congratulations to our brave, beautiful, VERY special Sunday Dog of the Day....MIRACLE MILLIE! I wish you and your adoring family many, many more happy years together, sweet Millie! Lots of love and hugs to your on your special day, cutie pie

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

    And my Rainbow Bridge Furangels...Jingles, Cody, Fritz, Chessa, Satin, Buddy, Lizzie, Oliver, Squeaker, Moonbeam, Rosie, Ruby~

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    Oh, just look at that cute, lovable, adorable face!
    I'm so glad to hear that you finally are off your meds and doing so well, and that you beat the big "C"
    I hope you and your family have a very long wonderful life together! Have a great day girl!

    Huney, Bon & Simba-missed so very much
    Remembering all the Rainbow Bridge Pets

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    I'm glad that Millie is doing well and she is a beautiful dog. In fact, SHE LOOKS JUST LIKE MY HARLEY!! It is unbelievable! If she was a little younger and Harley was a little older I'd think they came from the same litter. Same markings on their ears and everything. WOW! Harley is a mix, but he is definitely JR. Anyway, like I said she's gorgeous and I'll pray that everything goes well with her health from now on
    Billy and Willy! (2 of my 4)

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    What a darling dog you are Millie! Thank God you got through your illness. May you have many many years of love, treats, and the companionship of your family.
    Millie Rocks!!

    (Love that pic with the pug and jack cuddling above, too cute.)

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    Millie, you sure are a courageous girl! You are so cute. I'll bet you're a typical JRT, running around and bouncing off walls. And that's the way it should be. Hope you enjoyed all that extra attention today. Too bad we all can't give you a big hug and a belly rub

    I did the right thing by setting you free
    But the pain is very deep.
    If only I could turn back time, forever, you I'd keep.
    I miss you

    I hear you whimper in your sleep
    I gently pet you and say, no bad dreams
    It will be alright, to my dog as dark as night.

    Fur as dark as the night.
    Join me on this flight.
    Paws of love that follow me.
    In my heart you'll forever be.

    How I wish I could hold you near.
    Turn back time to make it so.
    Hug you close and never let go.

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    Sweet Millie, youve been through some rough times but am glad you're doing much better!!! You have the sweetest little eyes, so bright and you look so positive about life there too!!! Keep up the good health and many happy years!!!!

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    Blog Entries


    Mew, Millie! You are so beautiful and what a wonderful Christmas gift you were. When my human brother, Mark was turning 11 he got the same kind of wonderful gift -- exactly 18 years ago today, the 21st day of September -- when Tiggy the Cat [b. Aug 18/85, d. Sept 5/00] came to live with him and my KatMa.

    My KatMa likes to think that her late darlings, Bobby the Dog, Tiggy, PaddyPaws & Princess (all fabulous felines) watch over very special loved pets like you and help in the battle against life-threating illnesses.

    Sweet doggie, enjoy your special day today because you truly are a very special, much loved pet. Live long and healthy, happy and always loved by your people. You are a treasure.

    Felix (Maine Coon Cat) & Norman (Marbled Bengal Tabby Cat)

    KatMa says:
    "Angels are sent to purrsons, dressed up as Cats" and
    ~Life without Cats is NOT a life at all!~
    Original cat quotations(c)Susan Elizabeth Dykhuis

    Life without liberty is like a body without spirit -Kahlil Gibran

    Sasha the Queen Calico
    b. 8 May 1994 - d. 29 August 2005

    Our most purrecious little girl, we love you fur~ever.

    Bobby the Dog, cats Tiggy [TBCU], Princess and Paddy-Paws, and Chucky the Dog are showing you the ropes at RB. Kisses and hugs to all of our darlings from your KatMa & Paw-Paw.

    Calico Cat Atavar by: Glenda Moore

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    Hi Millie,
    What a sweet looking girl you are. Those eyes! I am so sorry that you went through all that pain and suffering! So glad to hear that things are better! Congratulations on being our DOTD

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    7,399're a precious bundle of JRT joy and ethusiasm! You are a courageous and spunky little girl. May you be blessed with many many more years of health, spirit and happiness!

    I've been Boooo'd!

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    Sweet Millie

    I'm glad your beat your cancer. You are a very lucky and loved dog. I bet living in Colorado that you love to play in the snow. You look like such a little sweetie. Stay healthy!!!
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