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Thread: Sherman Kitty!

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    Sep 2003

    Sherman Kitty!

    Here is my family's cat, Sherman. He's a Maine Coon kitty that we've had for almost 10 years. Actually, he adopted us shortly after our family dog, Rags, passed away. Sherman moved in a few months later and that was that. He's an awesome cat and though he's slowing down a bit in his old age, he doesn't let on! He's the King of the Neighborhood and any other boy kitty in the area knows better than to try and unseat him.

    Sherman on our computer chair - he swats anyone who tries to move him from it.

    Sherman on my dad's chair... he owns the house.

    Sherman giving my dog, Sam, an ultimatum... back off or you get the claw!

    Sherman in his element, outside our house Sunday evening.

    Me and Sherm.

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    Sherman is so cute! I want to rub his fluffy belly!
    I've been Defrosted!

    Thanks for the great signature Kay!

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    Originally posted by Uabassoon
    Sherman is so cute! I want to rub his fluffy belly!
    Thanks! But belly-rubbing isn't for just anyone to do, you know. He will claw up your arms if he doesn't know you very well! My very first boyfriend made that mistake and Sherm never liked him. However, my fiance took it easy when he met Sherm and it took Sherm awhile to warm up to him, but now he'll get up on his lap for cuddling just like he does the rest of us!

    Sherman calls the shots... in classic kitty tradition!

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    He's a beautiful boy. Love those Maine Coons.

    From Decker with Love

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    Maine Coons rock. Yours is beautiful too.

    After the wedding, my fiance finally relented that we could get a Maine Coon kitten even though he's not really a big cat person. I can't wait, I'm already thinking of names for him (want a boy).

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    What a gorgeous Maine Coon! Sherman looks so mighty!

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    LOVE Maine Coon bellies but I know what you mean about not just anyone being able to rub 'em. Mishi has a WONDERFUL fluffy 'coon belly but only I get to rub and kiss it. I'm SO lucky! (and so are you!)

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    Wasn't Sherman a general? Looks like Sherman cat is also one

    The grand old man of the neighborhood

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    Yup, during the Civil War, General Sherman marched through Atlanta en route to Savannah and torched the town. It was also a huge army tank. Sherman, however, came to us pre-named so we didn't have a say in the matter. I think his original owners named him after the little old man who lived across the hall from them in their apartment building. Said my Sherman's nose looked like the human Sherman's nose.

    But yes, despite all that, he is quite the general. And a tank, weighing in near 20 lbs. of pure muscle.

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    What a handsome boy Sherman is. I love Maine Coons as well.

    P.S. Welcome to Pet Talk!

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    Welcome, and thanks for posting pics of Sherman! That's one fluffy, very tickly belly
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    Your Sherman reminds me of my Olivia. He's darling (althought he might not like being so described!
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    Welcome to Pet Talk. Sherman is gorgeous. My cat Storm is a Maine Coon mix and he likes to have his belly rubbed.
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    Welcome to Pet Talk. Sherman is magnificent - he looks like he totally rules the house!

    BTW, Love your RB Dog's name - RAGS - I had a dog called Rags too - he was my best friend growing up, and I was devastated when we lost him to cancer at 15

    Thanks Kay for my great sig & avatar!!!
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    What a tough boy he is and as being so he fully deserves to guard the neighborhood!!!
    He looks gorgeous...20 lbs of looks like as he says "Hey, NO cuddles please in the public!" in the picture with you...too funny!!!

    You have learned enough to see that cats are much like you and me. ( T.S. Eliot)

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