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Thread: sigh, no microchip...

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    sigh, no microchip...

    I took the little stray in to town today to get microchip. The shelter guy did a full body scan, just in case it had migrated. No luck. No calls on him yet either. I have put posters of him everywhere and he's in the newspaper, radio pet report, I even sent a mass email to everyone at work. No luck.

    Little Nugget as I have been calling him is doing well though. He is staying the cat run when he's not inside. The cats aren't impressed, but I don't want to put him in my main dog pen yet. He was quiet for most of the night--once I gave up on keeping him in the porch and let him sleep by my bed. My older female dog is trying to mother him, which he seems to like!

    On the downside, he's not a good traveller. It's a 25 minute drive to the shelter from my house and he puked at least twice!
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    ...... kitties would be understandably upset about Nugget being in their run ............ HOW ON EARTH will they get the doggie smell out????
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