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Thread: Good Ol' Oklahoma..

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    Good Ol' Oklahoma..

    I moved to Arizona from Oklahoma. Well, I just felt like sharing because of all the strays that have been found latley.
    I must have been 10..We already had a dog, my Grandpa who has just died old dog. She was a terrior mix, and was sooo old.
    It was a cold winter morning, my sister and I were asleep on the air matress in the living room because we felt like having a slumber party the night before.
    I woke up to my sister tapping me on the shoulder. She was laying something tan and black beside me. I felt it's warmth and suddenly realized it was a puppy! I soon found out that my mom had woken up that morning, opened to door to get the paper to a small Rottweiler puppy sleeping on our pattio, seeking shelter from the cold. This puppy was so cute, and what a sweetie! I can't remember if it was a he or she, but we only kept the puppy for about two days. We didn't have time for a dog then, or the money, so we ended up giving the dog to a farm owner who took very good care of him/her.
    I still miss that dog to this day.
    Well...just felt like blabbing.

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    I bet he or she was a cutie!!!!
    Emily, Kito, Abbey, Riley, and Jada

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    Lol, forgot about this thread.umm bump?
    Thanks shiba!

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