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    nifty NINO

    KatMa was crying when she read me your bio. Mew-mew -- we're so happy that despite the tough start in life, you are loved, cherished, and nice & healthy now! Physical scars remain but emotionally and mentally you are healed which is the most important healing.

    Nino, mew -- you are truly a wonder and deserve being our Pet of the Day. And to your fur~son who loves you so much, 100,000 kittykisses, purrs and head bumpies.

    Love works magic on pets and on fur~sons. Live long, healthy, happy & cherished in your Palace for you are truly at your forever home now.

    Felix (Maine Coon Cat) & Norman (Marbled Bengal Tabby Cat)

    KatMa says:
    "Angels are sent to purrsons, dressed up as Cats" and
    ~Life without Cats is NOT a life at all!~
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    Life without liberty is like a body without spirit -Kahlil Gibran

    Sasha the Queen Calico
    b. 8 May 1994 - d. 29 August 2005

    Our most purrecious little girl, we love you fur~ever.

    Bobby the Dog, cats Tiggy [TBCU], Princess and Paddy-Paws, and Chucky the Dog are showing you the ropes at RB. Kisses and hugs to all of our darlings from your KatMa & Paw-Paw.

    Calico Cat Atavar by: Glenda Moore

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    Yes! A ratty!!!!

    As the owner of several fancy ratties, including hairless, I would like to congratulate you on your being Pet of the Day!!

    I am attaching a pic of Wrinkles, my hairless doe, whom has a very big crush on your BTW!
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    Ooh just wanted to say that you gave me inspiration for a ratty name! I just adore you, and your name is so pretty!

    hehe can you tell I like hairless rats? Tell your mommy she needs to join Pet Talk so that she can post more pictures of you!
    Fuzzies for Furries
    Northwest Opossum Society
    Zoology Major
    2 Virginia Opossums, 6 cats, 4 bearded dragons, 1 iguana, 1 red foot tortoise, 1 tripod chihuahua, 5 mice, dubia and hissing cockroaches as well as other misc animals that wander in and out of my home.

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    Good Morning, precious Nino Oh, what an amazing, touching, inspirational tribute! Likes Sasha, I cringed and cried when I read how very ill and neglected you were before finding your forever home. You are one beautiful and brave little rattie boy, Nino!! You triumphed over adversity and us humans could borrow a page from your book! What a fighter! But now you can sit back and enjoy playing the role of lover boy You bring such joy and happiness to this world, Nino and for that, and so much more, it is our privilege to honor you as our VERY special and most deserving Sunday Pet of the Day!! Please have your person give some extra kisses and ear skritches for me, ok?? Long, long life to you adroable Nino!

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

    And my Rainbow Bridge Furangels...Jingles, Cody, Fritz, Chessa, Satin, Buddy, Lizzie, Oliver, Squeaker, Moonbeam, Rosie, Ruby~

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    The rat's face is kinda cute but his tail is scary.

    Poor little ratty must of been through alot!He deserves to be petoftheday!
    #1 Bunny Lover

    My Mini Rex's,Spice(Mommy Bunny,broken blue) and Hershey(broken red). In memory of Sugar,Silky,Cadbury and Basil.

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    What a wonderful mommy you have Nino. And you are a special one of a kind rattie. HUGS to you and your mommy.

    Leslie and her ratties. Lenny, Squiggy and Honey and Rocky Budgeboa the Budgie and Rodger Dodger the bunny and the two fish
    Hi Ya Flintstone

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    Awww! What a sweet face! I am so glad you over came all your problems and are healthy now. Sounds like you are much loved and happy. Congratulations, sweetie, on being our special Pet of the Day today.

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    What a cute little ratty! Thank goodness your ma and her friend found you adorable Nino. Congrats to a beautiful boy!

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    What an inspiring story! I too have to admit my eyes watered when I read your sad beggining! So glad you found a good home I am sick to hear the mistreatment of God's creatures But your's was a happy ending! Congratulations on POTD!

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    I'm sorry I couldn't reply before! I submitted Nino long ago and haven't been able to get to the site in a while.

    Nino is 16 months old now (his birthday was in June). A little more info: He lives with four siamese boys in a large, single story ferret cage. He raised these boys from 2 weeks old, because their mom caught pneumonia and couldn't take care of them, and Nino needed some cagemates. They are the closest rats I have (I share my life with 23 rats + 11 tiny baby ones at the moment), never fight. Nino uses them as pillows.

    A lot has happened to him since I sent the submission. In May, he started going downhill. An injury left him blind in one eye and he had a growing lump on his stomach. The lump kept growing and looking nasty, but in June the lump started shrinking and then vanished all together (it turned out to be an infected abcess rather than a tumor). Last week, he sudennly opened his "bad eye" and that is totally healed too! So, now he's the picture of health again (besides the lingering tilt and scars on his skin).

    We are glad his story could touch you. I simply had to share this incredible guy with the world.

    Attached is Nino's "before" pic. The day my friend brought him home from the pet store. Lucky for him, she works at a vet clinic and could get him care ASAP. (That picture was the reason I though hairless rats were really fragile, but they actually aren't. Nino was just severely neglected and beaten up by his pet store cagemates.)

    You can see some more pics (happier pics) of Nino at

    Again, thanks for all the kind words, and we are glad to share our story.

    Vickie, Nino's "mom"
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    Hi There

    he is SOOO sweet. I cannot get over his face, so lovable

    Hi Ya Flintstone

    Rockys fave saying

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